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Information On Disciplining Your Cat

By: Joshua Simms

Pets Cats tend to be a more independent type of pet which is why many people prefer them over other types of pets. However, you might find that your feline friend doesn't always do what he is supposed to. At this point you need to find a way to discipline your cat that doesn't involve hitting and screaming at him. If you bought your cat as a kitten, the odds are they will pick on what is allowed and what isn't fairly quickly. If you bought an adult cat you might have to work on a few bad habits, but need to remember to be patient while doing so.

Below are a few ways that might help you deal with the disciplining of your cat, especially when it comes to particular areas.

The first thing that you should know is that it helps to use the same words when disciplining your cat, don't change it up all the time because you will end up confusing your cat in the long run. If there is more than just you in the house, you need to make sure that your discipline techniques are uniform so that the cat will not be confused as to who they need to listen to.

Come Fluffy, Come!

You need to realize that you cat is not like a dog. They are not always going to obey when you call because they basically have a mind of their own. Although they do have a completely different personality, it is possible to get your cat to come to you if you call it and reinforce your command with positive behavior. You can do this by offering them so sort of reward such as petting them, brushing them, or giving them a treat.

If you are screaming at your cat to come to you with the thought that such an action will shock them into coming right over, you will soon realize that such tactics will not work with a cat as they saunter off in the completely opposite direction.

It's Green and Leafy, it's a Plant!

If you happen to have plants in your home that are not harmful to your cat, the odds are that you don't want your cat to destroy them. As mentioned earlier, cats are very curious and will try getting into everything. It is also important to note that it is instinctive for cats to claw or dig as they do in the litter box so if you are not care, they might do the same to your plants. In order to prevent the certain mess that will occur otherwise, you need to go to a craft store and purchase plastic needlepoint mesh.

Then cut it to fit the opening of the pot and a spot for your plant and then apply it over the dirt. This will keep your cat from clawing at the dirt in your plant. Chewing on plants is another matter entirely. All you need to do is spray the leaves and coat them with a cayenne spray or a bitter apple spray that you can get at most pet shops. The bad taste will keep your cat from chewing further.

Ouch! He Bit Me!

Biting is not a fun thing when you cat has sharp little teeth. Often cats tend to bite or nip when they are playing around and in reality it is quite a painful shock when those teeth connect with your skin. In order to get your cat to stop this painful behavior, you need to take the right steps. The next time he decides to take a playful nip at whatever skin is handy you can choose to do one of two things, you can either hiss at him like another cat would do, or scream in pain. Either one of these reactions is sure to get your cat's attention and make him stop.

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