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With the Samsung Pixon you won't need your digital camera

By: Jamie Hanson

Product Reviews Until now, most people haven't relied on their cell phones to take pictures of those unforgettable moments. For great quality photographs, it's still been necessary to carry around a digital still camera, but not anymore. Samsung M8800 Pixon is a full, touch screen handset that has an 8 megapixel autofocus camera built in. Photo functions are a huge part of this slim phone. You have the ability to easily take, view and share photos. The phone features face, blink, and smile detection as well as dual LED flash. An auto-panorama mode, 16x zoom option and an advanced shake reduction system also contribute to giving you the best pictures possible on a cell phone. The Samsung Pixon has a built-in accelerometer. When you're looking through your pictures in the album, instead of pressing a button to advance, just tip the Pixon M8800 in the direction you want to go and the next picture will scroll smoothly into view. Similar to other cell phones, the Pixon has large displays, taking up the majority of the phone's face. So with the touch of your finger, you can take a photo of your baby's first step and then immediately email it to Grandma. After sharing the photo, you can be sure it's safe by placing it in a folder where you can later sort by face, time, color or folder.

Don't think that this phone is only good for taking pictures, though. The Pixon can stand up against other touch screen handsets on the market with its Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and HSDPA. It also has 30 FPS video recording, record and play features and slow motion video playback. Virtual 5.1 CH Surround Sound, FM radio with RDS, Bluetooth 2.0, and TV out will appeal to multi-media fans. All these are seen and heard on a 3.2? WQVGA (240400) screen with 262k colors. It shows decent images even while watching videos. A great addition is the brightness sensor, which allows you to actually see the display even when you are outside on a sunny day. Other components include 200 MB of internal memory, a Micro SD memory card slot and 1000 mAh battery, with 3.5 hours of talk and 290 hours of stand-by time.

The Pixon primarily uses touch for its input method, but if you prefer buttons, there are physical "Send" and "End" keys. They are small, but stick out from the side and are very well noticed by touch. To keep them separate, there is a small, round button in between them. This is OMNIA's optical mouse, which can only be pressed. The majority of buttons are found on the rugged sides. On the left, you'll find the "Hold" button and Shortcut keys. The right side contains the only easy-to-spot side key, the camera trigger. The charger connector is located at the top and is not Micro USB, but Samsung's exclusive one that is also used for headphones and data cable.

So if you are looking for a cell phone to replace your digital camera, the Samsung M8800 Pixon might just be the phone for you.

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