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10 Ways To Enhance Your Website Usability

By: Kabir Bedi

Internet Usability enhancement entails making it easier for your visitors to find information on your website as and when they need it. It plays a crucial role in the success of your website on the world wide web. This is because internet users prefer websites that are easy to use and from which information can be derived effortlessly.

Here are 10 ways you can enhance the usability of your website.

1. Create a Catchy Tagline Create short crisp tagline the describes the company and place it under the logo of your website. The tagline should be a vary short statement that represents the company's mission and philosophy. The idea is that when visitors read the tagline, they should get instant information about the company or website . Your tagline should arouse the interest of visitors to browse through the inner pages of the website.

2. Include a Search Box The search box is one of the most important elements of a website. It allows the users to directly obtain results for what they are searching without having to browse through the various pages of the website. Ideally, make the search box 27 characters wide so that the entered text can be easily visible and used. Place the search box on the top areas of your web page so that visitors can easily locate it.

3. Avoid Irrelevant Graphics and Images Make sure all the graphics and images that you use on your web pages are relevant to the corresponding content. Avoid using irrelevant graphic elements. They just increase the file size of the web pages and make them load slower.

4. Include a Sitemap Sitemap contains a hierarchical list of all the pages of your website along with their corresponding links. It not only enhances website navigation but also provides immense search engine optimization benefits.

5. Link Colors Pay attention to the colors you use for the hyperlinks in your web pages. Stick to the standard colors for blue for links and light purple for visited links. This makes it easier for the users to identify the links and browse through easily.

6. Make Web Pages Scannable It is common knowledge that internet users scan through web pages for information rather than reading the entire contents. Hence it is important to design easily scannable web pages. Divide your content into small paragraphs and use appropriate headings and sub headings. Also, use bullet points to list a series of crisp points. You can also bold certain text to draw more attention to them.

7. Avoid Designing Misleading UI Controls UI controls include elements and widgets on the web page that users can interact with. Misleading UI controls not only waste the users' time but also create navigational disruptions. Some example of the same are underlined text that are not links, graphic buttons

8. Provide Relevant Error Messages Instead of flashing blatant error messages that jeopardize the users, include meaningful information within them. Provide them with a reason for the error along with what they can do further. Include a link to your homepage.

Avoid Javascript Overuse Excessive use of Javascript and AJAX can lead to browser inconsistencies. This is because not all internet users have JavaScript activated on their computer systems if at all they have it installed.

Avoid CAPTCHAs CAPTCHA refers to Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. The problem arises because symbols and characters vary across different cultures and there are chances that many user do not understand what is written.

Kabir Bedi is the senior web consultant with LeXolution IT Services, a reputed web design company located in India. He has over 7 years of experience in the web development services Industry and developed expertise in the core procedures of the same.
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