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Join the Green Movement by Building Eco Friendly Homes

By: Katrina Fillmore

Real Estate Going green is the best route to take today. With the environment getting much attention these days, thereís no way to go but go green. Thanks to concerned non-profit international organizations that strongly advocate the preservation of the ecosystem, many people are now made aware of their responsibilities for saving our Mother Earth.

Itís great to know that various segments of society are indeed exerting efforts to use and recycle environment friendly materials. Homeowners are recycling wastes, companies are using recycled products to promote their businesses, car owners are making biofuel to run their vehicles and automakers are making electric cars and other eco friendly vehicles. The construction sector has joined in and several companies such as Mountain Creation in Pennsylvania are building wood cabins and log homes for people who want to go totally green to save the Earth.

Eco friendly wood homes compared to the regular homes have little impact on the environment and humans as well. They are constructed in such a way that they use energy, water and other resources in a very efficient manner thereby reducing waste and pollution and protecting the health of occupants. In other words, their overall design, operation, maintenance and construction support the green building process.

Green building promotes the use of environment friendly resources in constructing residential structures considered to be an affordable approach for both home builders and homeowners. In the United States, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) leads in setting the standards for designing, constructing and operating eco friendly buildings. The council is, in fact, responsible for creating the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or what is popularly known as the LEED rating system.

In building homes, using wood and logs is not only practical but is also beneficial to the environment. Most logs such as those from cedar can be obtained from natural resources. They are renewable resources in that they can be replanted again and again after being cut for use in building homes. These trees can be found locally and need not be transported from other states resulting in lower costs.

Apart from their renewable properties, wood can also be recycled. Unused logs can be used again to build other homes or used as firewood. Since nothing is wasted, the environment benefits a lot from them.

A big advantage of wood homes and log cabins is that they donít pose any health hazard to occupants. This is because wood used for construction are very natural. They do not need any kind of processing with the use of harmful chemicals.

Still another benefit is the big savings homeowners of eco friendly homes can gain. They can save a lot on their energy, heating as well as cooling bills. The reason behind this is that wood homes provide a familyís much desired comfort all year round regardless of the weather outside. Wood is capable of absorbing heat during the summer and releasing heat during the winter season.

Keep in mind that a beautiful home does not necessarily have to be made from concrete. A wood home or log cabin can be anybodyís dream house because aside from its natural beauty, the benefits it can give you and your family are incomparable.

Mountain Creations Log Homes, located just north of Pittsburgh, PA, can help you install various green technologies in your log cabin before you start building or after your home is completed.
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