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How To Pack A Romantic Picnic Basket For Two?

By: Christian Abad

Outdoors Romantic picnics are featured in romance novels, romance movies and can be a feature scene in your life, too. All you need are the right ingredients, your sweetie, and a plan on how to pack a romantic picnic basket for two.

First, start with the basic ingredient, your basket. Make sure that it is big enough and strong enough to hold all your food.

Secondly, really think about the food in which you want to bring. What types of things does your sweetie like? What is your cooking capability? Can you fry chicken or is take out more to your skill level?

Many people prefer simple, yet tasty foods when they are preparing picnics. Some of the popular choices are sliced meats (such as ham, sausage, or turkey), breads (such as bread sticks, rolls, baguette of French bread, or Italian bread), cheeses (such as Swiss, American, or Brie), and fruits (such as sliced apples, strawberries, grapes, melon pieces).

Yet, other people like to go all out and prepare a feast such as fried chicken, fresh baked rolls, and homemade potato salad.

Two things you must not forget, when it comes to packing a romantic picnic, are the dessert and the drink. If your sweetie loves chocolate, be sure to add a piece of chocolate cake, cookies or even something as delectable as strawberries dipped in chocolate. The drink could be something as tame as lemonade, soft drinks or as divine as his/her favorite wine.

Once you have the menu planned, be sure to go over any condiments you may need. Some sandwiches just beg for a dash of Dijon mustard.

Be sure to consider the weather as you pack your foods. You should also consider food safety. Keep the cold foods as close to the ice as possible and away from the warm foods.

As you are packing your picnic basket, be sure to include essential items such as plates, napkins, spoons, forks (including serving spoons), glasses, and ice.

Donít forget to add a blanket to your take along list. You will need this to lie on the ground, so you and your sweetie can enjoy being close.

You may also want to bring along your CD player or other player to set the mood with music.

Once you have all the ingredients together and packed. Consider the perfect spot for a picnic. You will want to choose a spot that isnít too crowded, too noisy and has a romantic air about it. A semi-secluded spot in the woods or in your local park could be the ideal location, especially if the spot has the view of an open meadow, fields of wild flowers, or a beautiful lake.

Now all you need to do is enjoy your romantic feature and your romantic picnic, with the one you love.

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