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Baltimore - Charmed

By: Jamie Hanson

Travel Spot Baltimore, Maryland is one of the most laidback cities in the United States. With the area being a major American seaport, the city is expected to mainly cater to the state’s working citizen class. Baltimore city mortgage reviews show that people find the "Mob Town" slightly dull or plain due to its boring culture and way of life. Although the city’s geography highlights the Downtown, Baltimore’s main commercial district, crime rates have heavily affected the city’s reputation for the last few years.

Like most cities in the American family, Baltimore is marshaled with a series of neighborhood in between all its sections, from Northern to Southeastern. The Downtown includes momentous places like Harborplace, the Convention Center and a number of other tourist spots and historical milestones. Living in Baltimore costs an approximate $251,700, which is close to the average American home value. In contrast to the median American cost of living, the city presents a lower value of almost 8.48%. From last year, the population has grown backwards with a figure of -1.8%, and an estimated 637,455 citizen count. Most Baltimore city mortgages offer Single Family Rehabilitation Loan or Multi-Family and Investor Loan Programs. 68% of homeowners are currently working hard to pay off their mortgage while 15% purchased a home equity loan or a second mortgage.

The economy of Baltimore is also industrialized through service economy, also known as servitization of products. Due to the city being a broadly acknowledged seaport in the United States, labor opportunities include technical fields such as auto manufacturing and steel dispensation. Unemployment rate is at 6.6% with the U.S. median fluctuating at 4.60%, whereas future job growth levels at 13.3%.

The City of Firsts is also respected as an independent city in the U.S. Not considered as part of any county, Baltimore has a council with 14 districts each with a single member. In terms of politics, a major part of the city supports the Democratic rule with demographics showing 81.9% Democrats and 16.9% Republicans.

Known to be the "Charm City", Baltimore is also fed by daily news from their main newspaper, The Baltimore Sun. Reports also consist updates on the city’s favorite sports teams like the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League and the Charm City Roller Girls of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.

Fundamental to the development of most residents, education plays a big role in shaping the future of most Baltimore populace. Institutions range from public to private universities and from primary to secondary schools. There are also a number of parochial schools such as the Archbishop Curley High School and the The Shoshana S. Cardin School. The Baltimore City Public School System directs all the public educational organizations in the city; the structure being the most historic in the entire United States.

To aid in all the activities of the city’s residents, public transportation features interstate highways for better travel. The Port of Baltimore, which was founded prior to the city itself, serves as the natural harbor for the trading industry. As of today, the port has water taxis that count as a form of transportation for the people in the independent city.

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