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Achieving a Car Insurance- A Nightmare for Learners

By: Ricky Hussey

Insurance Purchasing a car during the period of ones learner’s license can prove out to be a nightmare for him. This can be even devastating for the ‘learner drivers’ of the age of 24 or less. The nightmare is in the form of purchasing the car insurance as any car insurance for these categories of drivers would result out in huge premium rates. As a result in order to escape from the heavy expenses these learners avoid the car insurance which may land them in the legal problem if noticed by the police.

Noticing this fact the police is working in collaboration with the insurance companies and making a strict record of the cars insured. Therefore just by scanning the number plate of any particular car the police can find whether the car is insured or not. In such a case if the police find that the car is not insured then it would simply result: -

1} fine for the first time

2} impounding of the car for the second time

3} if it happens that an individual gets his impounded car back from police, and again he is caught with the uninsured car, then in that case he would be straight away put behind the bars.

All the above discussion implies that every individual in the country is required to have his or her car insured whether he likes it or not. According to a survey done by the cops, it was found that one in fifteen cars on the roads of U.K. is not insured. This is the reason why the premium rates have increased since past some years.

A lot of efforts are done by the government by introducing special schemes on insurances but still the uninsured car remains back on the roads. The government discovered that by not getting the entire car insured on the roads of U.K., it was suffering huge monetary losses. In order to cover this loss it increased the premium rates so that the deficient money could be collected from the other’s pocket. This fact has created a lot of problems in the U.K. financial market. In order to get back to the old premium rates government is making hard efforts to catch all the uninsured cars and take strict action against them so that the loyal consumers do not have to shed out extra money to pay out the premium rates.

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