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Why Should You Adopt A Jack Russell Terrier?

By: Richard Cussons

Dogs Having a jack russell terrier as member of the family can be a lot of fun! Imagine having one fearless dog you can play and spend time with. It will surely make your day challenging and exciting.

When considering of getting a jack russell terrier, a lot of people automatically think of dog breeder, be it responsible or not. Some acquire pups from pet stores while some prefer to help the community by adopting dogs from local rescue shelters or organizations. So why adopt a dog when you can have a cute and cuddly puppy direct from a puppy breeder?

As what I have said, adopting a dog from a rescue shelter nearest you is one way of helping the community. Most rescue shelters or organizations often operate on their own expense, with funds coming from their own pockets. They receive little or none at all from government or public funds. The number of abandoned pets they can accommodate is limited. Because of this, they have no other option but to put down those pitiful dogs that could have been happier and healthier when somebody adopted them. By adopting, you will be saving a dog from possible death and give him the chance to experience what it is to be cared of and loved. In addition, you will be freeing one space so that the shelter can accommodate another abandoned dog.

Most people usually think that abandoned dogs are problematic dogs. They think that these dogs are given up by their previous owners because of issues such as behavior or health problems. While this is true in some cases, people should understand that not all abandoned dogs are problematic dogs. They were given up by their previous owners not because they are aggressive or timid or they bark loudly. Dogs are given up due to a lot of reasons - the family is moving and it is impossible to take the dog, the owner doesn't have time to care for and provide daily exercise and/or the owner just realized that the dog is not exactly the kind of breed for him and his family.

In addition, most dogs in shelter are already housebroken either by their previous owner or by the shelter volunteers. Some even have completed the vaccinations needed to protect them against various diseases. And besides, when you adopt an older dog in the shelter, you can already judge the dog's behavior. With puppies, you cannot exactly tell the way he will behave in his later years.

So don't be afraid to adopt a dog. They, too, can become great friends.

Richard Cussons write articles about dogs of all breeds. Discover more about Jack RussellTerrier and Jack Russell Terrier training at jackrussellsavvy.com.
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