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Finding Forster

By: Jenny Brewer

Outdoors Located just over 300 kilometers north from Sydney, Forster is one of the most visited holiday locations in New South Wales, mainly for its prime location at the entrance of Wallis Lake. Families love it here as well as holiday makers of all ages. There is the wonderful combination of sun, surf and excellent food - always a draw card. Forster is an excellent destination for a campervan holiday with its great selection of caravan parks and ideal location. You won't want to leave.

Every month of a year is a wonderful time to visit, with plenty of water sports available, fantastic fishing in the waterway, rainforest walks in the hinterland and an enticing array of shops for a relaxed stroll or shopping spree. The place is often buzzing with tourists all wanting a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, and you do feel instantly at home with the sparkling blue water a welcome background.

If you prefer more privacy there are a number of beautiful, secluded beaches further out of town. Take a picnic lunch and enjoy a day discovering the natural beauty of Forster's outskirts. Nine Mile Beach at Tuncurry is also popular and worth visiting, as are the pretty rock pools not far away. There is a huge list of things you can do, depending on your energy levels. You might just prefer to grab a deck chair and a drink, find a peaceful spot under some shade and finally open that book you have been meaning to read all year. That is my idea of relaxing. For adventure seekers, there are plenty of other options, such as spear fishing, diving with sharks, sailing and 4WD tours.

Tuncurry is the 'twin' town to Forster, separated by the Wallis Lake. They are so alike that visitors can blur the two and combine them as one destination. Fishermen from all over the country head to these towns, brimming with all species and sizes of fish, as well as the succulent oysters which have also made the towns famous. Tuncurry was named by the Aboriginals, and aptly means 'plenty of fish'. Spear fishermen also head to this region for its well known supply of giant fish not far from the coastland. This is definitely water paradise, just as popular as the mainland.

Once you have had enough of the sun, if that is possible, head inland to explore the solitude of the national parks. The Wallace River and its ecosystem is brimming with natural beauty, and what better way to explore this hidden treasure than on a river and rainforest tour. This is a great idea for a day trip away from the tourist strip. Another great natural attraction is the Booti Booti National Park offering a fifteen minute scenic drive through the Wallingat State Forest. There are a number of places to stop and enjoy the views and it is an ideal way to make the most of your campervan and enjoy a day of exploring.

Just south from Forster is Seal Rocks, a small village needing to be added to your 'must see' list. Although difficult to access with its unsealed road, it is worth visiting this untouched paradise, with an obvious lack of tourism and a feeling of isolation that many yearn for when they start out their driving adventure. Fur seals are an obvious attraction, usually found lazing about on the rocks, and the Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse is one of the focal points in this area, a fantastic spot to take photos and enjoy a quiet stroll along the headland.

Jenny Brewer is a travel agent whose passion is writing. After spending her leisure time writing childrens stories, she now enjoys writing about travel destinations. For more of her articles visit Campervans Australia
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