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What Are The Differences In Internet Broadband Providers?

By: Cindy Heller

Internet Many people still use a dial up modem to access the internet and are unaware of the differences internet broadband providers offer. Out of these people, though, more are making the jump to paying for the services of an internet broadband provider and being able to take advantage of higher speeds when signing onto the internet. This increases their productivity should they have a job working from home or allow easier downloads when it comes to accessing games, videos or movies. This can be done without tying up the phone line. Because of increased technology, a number of competing internet broadband providers have begun to offer what they have available. Each offers a slight difference in accessing the internet than their competitors. There are three basic internet broadband providers...

- DSL Internet - Cable - FiOS

One of the oldest forms of internet broadband service is digital subscriber line (DSL). Their service is given over the phone line which nowadays does not tie up that phone line. DSL internet broadband providers are common and their work is done over existing phone lines. Most of the time they are less expensive than other internet broadband services. Unfortunately being able to install DSL is determined by the customer's distance from their local phone switch. If you live in a rural community, it is almost impossible to have a DSL internet broadband provider utilize your phone line to hook into your computer.

Cable television channels and cable internet broadband providers use the same lines to deliver internet service. There are positives and negatives with cable service. Cable internet broadband providers boast the speeds faster than DSL service at comparable costs. However cable broadband providers can only offer limited amounts of bandwidth among all users in a particular area. If it is popular in your area than performance may be lost during peak times.

Fiber optic service (FiOS) is a new way that internet broadband providers get service to their customers. It is offered primarily by Verizon and tops other providers in the speed of service offered. They provide quality service and can offer cable television and telephone service through FiOS for a good bundled package. FIOS is offered only through one internet broadband provider and if Verizon does not provide service in your area, you will not be able to use this internet broadband provider.

Whichever internet broadband provider you choose, be prepared for increased speed when signing onto the internet. Not only does this simplify easy access to the internet but information is literally at your finger tips in no time.

Cindy Heller is a professional writer. To learn more about internet service provider, please visit internet broadband providers.
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