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What Is Broadband Internet Access?

By: Cindy Heller

Internet Simply put, broadband integrates cable modem and DSL and allows the Internet connection to transmit anything faster than 56 kilobits per second, the basic dial up speed. It wasn't until 2000, that the popularity of broadband Internet increased. It became known as "high speed Internet" and with the blink of an eye, you could travel across the ocean to a whole new world. The performance of broadband Internet is many times faster than a dial up modem. Broadband could also carry another name, "narrowband" which suggests no standard bitrate defined by the industry and the risk of a compromised Internet connection speed.

Cable modems and DSL are the standard technologies used for broadband. Also on the scene are the newer technologies such as optical fiber and VDSL which promises higher speed Internet connections. Depending on what you need the Internet for, speed can make all the difference in the world. It will take time research the best broadband Internet service that will meet your needs as they may very well be different than someone else's.

Although the use of fiber optic Internet services has become recent, consumers are able to access broadband Internet using cost effective means, even covering larger distances.

Perhaps the greatest challenge of a broadband Internet service is to provide needed services in scarcely populated areas. Thousands of dollars are required in providing equipment to offer Internet services to the people and many times this can not be done. Service providers fear they will not be able to recover their costs and choose not to incorporate low density populated areas. Adding to this dilemma is the type of phone service offered in these rural communities. If it is of poor quality, than broadband Internet will be compromised and there could be problems signing onto the Internet or being "dumped off" at the most inopportune time. There are some areas where Wi-Fi networks take over when there is no access to DSL or cable Internet. In other countries, HSDPA, EV-DO and stationary broadband WiMax are used to gain access to high speed mobile Internet.

Especially in times of economic hardship, many online businesses are now having their beginnings in a private home. Entrepreneurs rely heavily on a reliable broadband Internet service for daily communications and worldwide access. As does the business man with many holdings covering the globe. At times, on the spot decisions need to be made and a reliable broadband Internet access can make all the financial difference in the world for many people involved.

Cindy Heller is a professional writer. To learn more about broadband, please visit internet broadband provider.
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