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Cape Town accommodation in Gardens.

By: Jenny Masters

Vacation Plans Cape Town accommodation is some of the most beautiful in the world and the sheer variety of hotels available to the tourist market can be quite daunting. How can you possibly decide which Cape Town hotel would suit your requirements best?

A good way to go about researching Cape Town accommodation is by suburb Ė this way you can make sure that your hotel is close to the action. This article will highlight three superb Cape Town hotels located in Gardens, an inner-city suburb that lies right next to the CBD.

Some interesting information about Gardens: Back in the day, long before Cape Town was the hub of cultural activity that it is today, the Cape was an anchorage point for British, Portuguese and Dutch ships. There was not permanent settlement until 1652, when the Dutch East India Company employed Jan van Riebeeck to establish an outpost that could provide passing ships with fresh produce and meat.

The first garden was also laid out in that year and eventually grew to a whopping 18 hectares. Later on, further gardens were established in Newlands and along the Liesbeeck River and the gardens in town were slowly concerted into an ornamental botanical garden which is still there to this day. The suburb of Gardens developed in this area.

So, letís talk hotels. There are many Cape Town hotels in the vicinity of Gardens, but these are the ones we recommend:

1. Hippo Boutique Hotel: Situated in Park Street, just off of Kloof road, the Hippo Boutique hotel is so much more than just plain Cape Town accommodation. The team at Hippo Boutique donít just go through the motions; they actually care if you have a good time. Looking at the dťcor, you can tell that the designers of this establishment had the same thing in mind. Everything from the whitewashed ceiling to the wooden floors has been chosen to create a warm, welcoming hotel with a contemporary twist. Add a few delicious details like cotton linen, king size beds and leather couches and you can understand why some patrons have a hard time leaving.

The Hippo has 20 air-conditioned rooms with en suite bathrooms and under floor heating, each one featuring a home entertainment centre, a fully equipped kitchen unit with tea- and coffee making facilities, as well as daily cleaning and laundry services.

2. Garden Court De Waal: The Garden Court De Waal hotel is situated at the foot of Table Mountain, a mere two kilometres from the CBD. Here guests can rest assured that their best interests are being taken care of while they enjoy the sights. A warm and friendly atmosphere and a stunning Cape Dutch-styled restaurant (Garden Grill & Buffet) complete the picture.

All rooms are air-conditioned and supplied of the expected modern amenities. Further facilities include concierge services, laundry/valet, a safety deposit box, as well as a shuttle service to the nearest airport.

3. Lady Hamilton Hotel: A charming 78 room Cape Town hotel, the Lady Hamilton is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a room with a view. Each fully serviced, climate controlled room features a majestic view of Table Mountain. And as if this isnít enough to entice potential visitors, the Lady Hamilton also boasts an acclaimed restaurant, a bar lounge and a full day snack menu.

Settle down at the swimming pool with a refreshing cocktail or head down to the V&A Waterfront to soak up some culture and burn some plastic. Whatever floats your boat, this lovely hotel will be sure to accommodate you.

And there you have it Ė three great Cape Town hotels in the Gardens area. Of course there are also a myriad lovely guest houses, B&Bís and inns in the area. No matter what your requirements are, you can rest assured that there is Cape Town accommodation to suit your needs.

Jenny Masters works for a tour agency and often has to secure Cape Town accommodation for large groups. She likes to keep a list of the Cape Town hotels that accommodate them best.
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