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Techniques of Youth Motivational Speakers

By: Ross Bainbridge

Motivational It’s a special breed of human being that can speak effectively to large groups of teenagers and young adults. Speaking at schools, sporting events, teen churches, or wherever else young people congregate, youth motivational speakers employ an arsenal of well rehearsed, practiced techniques that capture the attention of young people and hopefully change lives for the better. They inspire, motivate and teach students, taking them from laughter to tears in rapt attention as they speak about personal experiences, weaving into their stories life lessons and warnings about the common pitfalls of being young in the twenty first century. If effective, young people are glued to their seats, eager to listen and receptive to the wisdom and teachings contained in the lecture.

Anybody who has ever tried talking to young adults knows that it is difficult attention and be taken seriously. Warnings, messages of impending doom and threats all fail to get across to “know-it-all” teenagers. Youth motivational speakers must come up with a way of speaking to them that transcends the usual restraints of adult to teen conversations and gets results. Using a style that employs personal stories that teens can relate to, humorous anecdotes, and life lessons to be taken seriously, youth motivational speakers are in high demand all over the country. As teens continue to display life choices that make growing up strong and healthy a risky endeavor, youth motivational speakers find themselves in demand for more time than they could possibly fill. In fact there is such a shortage of good, effective youth motivational speakers that the industry is crying out for more qualified professionals.

The most important asset a youth motivational speaker has at his command is his ability to get an audience to believe him. If at any time the speaker comes off as disingenuous or scripted he will lose his audience in a flash. Getting their attention and keeping it is a true art form and probably the most difficult challenge facing any motivational speaker. Talking about experiences from his own life, the speaker creates a bond between himself and the audience that keeps them paying attention and will make them want to follow the advice that he will offer at the end of the talk. It’s far easier to sell investment advice to people who have some money, or sales techniques to companies who have products to sell and legions of people to do the job, than it is to convince teenagers to change their behavior. Youth motivational speakers are a special breed of professional whose work deserves to be taken seriously and appreciated by all.

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