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Keeping your child safe from strangers dogs

By: Emma Holyer

Dogs Most children grow up with pets, and since dogs are a popular choice for many families, lots of children grow up with a beloved family dog. Because this dog is usually safe, friendly and affectionate, children are often lulled into thinking that all dogs are safe and friendly animals.
Teaching your child that some dogs can be nervous, skittish or even aggressive could save them from a bite or even an attack from a strange dog. The following basic safety guidelines should be instilled in children from a young age:
Children should:

Never run up to or try to grab an unfamiliar dog.
Never try to pet a strange dog through a fence.
Never touch a dog that is growling, showing his teeth, or barking hysterically.
Never attempt to touch a dog that is eating or in possession of a bone or a treat.
Never intentionally hurt a dog by pulling its tail or hitting it.
Never make loud noises or sudden movements when approaching a dog.

It is best to encourage children, and adults, to always hold their hands out and allow a new dog to sniff them before trying to pet it. Also, its a good idea, and also polite, to ask the dogs owner whenever possible if you may pet it first.

If you have your own dog, or even dogs, at home, then you will probably be responsible pet owners, feeding your dogs correctly, exercising them regularly and training them to be well adjusted members of the household and the local community. Pet insurance is also a great way to ensure the health of your dog, and a healthy dog is a happy dog. Sadly, not all dog owners take such good care of their pets, and by this I dont just mean not taking out pet insurance or forgetting to walk them once in a while I mean dog owners who are downright cruel.

These dogs are not well adjusted members of a household or community and are often nervous or aggressive around people, and a skittish dog could lash out and attack another dog, a child, or even an adult. But even happy dogs can get excited, or scared, and take a bite out of someone unintentionally, so this is why care must always be taken when meeting strange dogs.

Pet insurance is a great way to ensure the health of your dog, and a healthy dog is a happy dog. Get pet insurance from Direct Line today.

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