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Cable Installation Equipment Used

By: Clyde Rems

Computers and Technology Having to deal with electric cables is something very dangerous and that is why companies specialised in cable installation need a lot of cable installation equipment to work safely.
So when it comes to cable preparation, various tools are needed. Those tools need to be properly insulated and completely safe to use if you do not want to get an electric shock while working.
First of all, they would have the cable cutters. There are different types of cable cutters available that are adapted to a certain kind of work. You can get hydraulic cutters, but also mechanical cutters or battery operated ones.

Cutting a cable is one thing, and it will at some point be necessary to strip it, which is why cable stripping tools can be very useful. Once again, it is vital to buy the proper kind of equipment that will be safe to use and properly insulated.
On top of those tools, others are used when doing cable preparation like hydraulic, mechanical or even battery operated compression tools. Associated tools like cable cleaners and wipes will probably be used a lot as well.

People working in cables installation will always wear special clothes. You can usually find a complete range of everyday work wear especially for workers who are in regular or occasional contact with electrical equipment.
These kind of special clothes are properly insulated to protect all their body whether they are just using drum lifting equipment or if they are dealing with a cable winch, a cable cutter, a cable roller or any live line equipment.
These workers sometimes need to use machines like overhead winches or underground winches to install cables outside. They need to be very robust and be able to cope with a tough environment. Those machines are usually used for new construction or refurbishment works, with the use of rope drums or split drums.
Other machines are used to bury the cables underground. The cable ploughs are designed to be used in all types of soil, and the plough is often filtering away the small stones and rocks in order to make sure that the trench is filled with fine earth. Despite its heavy duty trenching capacity the plough is surprisingly gentle to cable, ensuring that no damage is done.

Every time those machines and tools are used, caution is taken to make sure no one get injured and special equipment is worn all the time.

The author used to work in cable installation and used often acable cutter, cable winch and drum lifting equipment.
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