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Mistakes in Buying a Car

By: Anna Poelo

Cars Do you remember the time when you decided to buy yourself a car? With that thought comes other thoughts, like what car to buy, how much you can spend for a car, and other things. True, it's nice to dream about finally getting the car that you've always wanted. But we also have to be careful not to be too swept up by our desires and just ignore the reality. There are simply facts that we have to go over so that we won't make a mistake in the process of buying the car that fits our needs and wants.

Lots of people make a mistake or two when purchasing their car. Let's look at the common mistakes that people make when choosing and buying a car.

Shoving out other alternatives: We do have our own preferences. Usually, before we go out to car outlets, we already have a picture in our minds of what our should be. We have this particular car in mind already. What is not good about this is that we may be closing our doors to other comparable, and more appropriate, cars. It's like wanting a limousine when a family van is more convenient. We should learn to look at the other cars available to us.

No research: In our excitement, we sometimes fail to check the advantages and disadvantages of the different cars you have chosen to look over. Before going to the car outlets, you should learn more about the features of the cars, their safety mechanisms, etc. Check for vehicle records and reviews about the cars and reevaluate your options.

Disregarding value for low monthly payments: Low monthly installments for your car can be seen as a relief. But we should think again. We might end up buying a car that we really can't afford wholly. We should budget our money better and set a limit unto how much and for how long we can spend on the car payments. Remember that cars depreciate quickly, so a three-year might sometimes be better than a five-year loan even if the monthly car payments are higher.

No test drive: Always take a test drive before buying a car. It allows you to get the feel of the car, and see whether you're comfortable with it or not. You might also have questions regarding the history and maintenance of the car, some of which may arise as you're taking the test drive.

Adding the unnecessary extras: Dealers may try to get you to purchase more things from them, most of which are actually unnecessary. There are other payments that you can't avoid, like the sales tax, licensing, and others. But there are also payments that are not important. Dealers may try to talk you into purchasing car treatments and accessories, like rustproofing and stain-proofing the seats. They are not necessary on the purchase of the car. You can even do these things yourself, and at cheaper costs. Learn how to distinguish what is needed and what is not when purchasing your car.

Of course, if you can afford to buy your dream car, and have some extra to buy accessories and treatments for your car, then do so. Financing and setting a limit to how much you can spend on a car is important, though. This is especially true when you're tight with your money. It also pays off to be on the safe side and still avoid the mistakes in buying a car.

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