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How can we Differentiate Web Development and SEO

By: Jeff Jarred

Search Engine Optimization In this article am going to discuss briefly on some essential differences between SEO and Web Development. We might want to get to know the key meaning of the two before we continue and therefore;

Web Development entails a lot of different processes that work together to achieve a certain goal. It encompasses activities that are related to developing a web site, these activities may include Web Design (Most people tend to think that Web design is same as Web Development), content development, e-commerce, script for client-side and server-side applications and server configuration. Web development ranges from the simple web page displayed message "Welcome" to the very complicated and complex scripts, applications, commerce and networking services. Ideally, Web Development refers to the non-design aspect of developing a web site.

On the other hand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one method used in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in adjusting a Web Site so that it can be able to be found and read easier by the Search Engines therefore making it appear higher in the natural search engine results. This also allows your customers to find your business after typing in your targeted key words. SEO is technical in nature and it might take a lot of time before becoming effective; therefore there is no easy or a short term solution for a good SEO. It is looked upon as a long-term effort aimed at creating a total value for your business or website.

Therefore when you are in the effort of coming up with an online business, there are various things that you will need to overlook and some of them being Web Development and SEO-online promotion of your website. If you choose to get the services of SEO, your website would probably be ranked high in the search engines but a SEO service provider could end up being very expensive but on the other hand you won’t mind because you’ll see the upsurge of very many unique visitors on your website on a daily basis. However, this is not a guarantee that your business will be flourishing/booming.

While creating a Web Site, make sure that it is created cleverly and carefully. The Web site should be of high quality, easy to navigate and very informative, it is good to consult a Web Development company to have better tools and dynamic features on your Web Site this is because the companies have better resources than an individual. On the other hand, you can decide to hire a Web Development company to design your Website and after that get the services of a SEO company. This will mean spending a lot of money when you go for both services but it is more advisable to get the services of a Web Development firm of who would be able to use search engine friendly development.

While choosing a Web Development firm, make sure you are specific on all the necessary details of what you would want your Website to have, for example, the theme, your concept, the content and overall design. Having the help of an efficient Web Development firm, you are sure of having an online business that will be very profitable.

A good web development Los Angeles company will ensure that their site design incorporates all the SEO elements required for best results. However, don't rely just on the development work to cover all the bases as there is a lot more to SEO.
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