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Microsoft Access: Your Total Business Solution

By: Dan Haf

Computers and Technology Microsoft Access is often times overlooked by businesses as an effective all around business solution. Many times businesses’ will opt for expensive vendor software that is very expensive and often times does not provide the flexibility of enhancements without the need for paying the software vendor a huge amount of money for any type of upgrade.

Microsoft office is the most popular office suite in the world and offers a wealth of business resources. I have been a professional Microsoft Access developerfor a number of years and have developed hundreds of cost effective Microsoft Access solutions custom solutions for businesses. My Access development usually involved integrating other aspects of the office suite with Microsoft Access. This is an approach that just makes good business sense. When you think about it Word processing is performed in MS Word, E-Mail is through MS Outlook, spreadsheets are created with MS Excel etc. This makes Microsoft Access development the natural tool for combining all these programs together.

Microsoft Access is a relational database system that can be used as a type of central hub to carry out business operations. Your business already has the data available whether it’s contained in a SQL or Oracle database, or ERP system. An experienced Access developer can design a database solution that will coordinate all your business data with the programs in the Microsoft Office Suite. The Access development work required to perform these solutions is generally very cost effective and can save your company a lot of money and time in the long run.

An experienced Microsoft Access developer can write custom SQL queries and VBA programming that will perform automated functions that will provide your company with both efficiency and cost savings.

The possibilities are relatively endless for business solutions through Microsoft Access development. If you’re company often sends e-mails to customers to announce promotions, their sales history etc. This process can be performed with the push of a button with some custom VBA programming performed by experienced Access developers. The hours that it may have taken your business in the past to create mailing lists and customer reports could be reduced to minutes through complete automation.

Another common business solution is Microsoft Word mail merges. Why not use the data that your business already has instead of manually typing out letters? Custom Access development can provide your staff with the flexibility of creating the exact form letters they need with the push of a button and then having an automated process that sends the attachments to customers through Outlook e-mail.

Perhaps the most common use of Microsoft Access with other aspects of the Office suite has been with Microsoft Excel. As an Access developer I have often times been tasked with extracting data from large ERP systems and having the data exported to Microsoft Excel to be displayed in pivot tables, charts, graphs, year over year comparisons etc. These reports would take staff hours to produce but through Access development with custom VBA programming these reports take only a few minutes to run.

Data Gopher is a professional Microsoft Access development company. They are a team of experienced Access developers who offer Access data solutions to meet individual business requirements.
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