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The Best SUV Available On The Planet

By: Will Hause

Cars Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are very popular in the automotive world because of their unmatched power and great comfort. Modern-day SUVs have successfully combined the benefits of a station wagon and a truck into one unique passage that has proven to be popular with automobile buyers.

The roomy space of an SUV makes it the perfect vehicle for large families. SUVs are not just for families but are also an excellent vehicle choice for off-road enthusiasts. Almost all renowned automobile manufactures offer SUV vehicles in their inventory. However, when it comes to the best SUVs, Toyota is the first preference.

The new Toyota FJ Cruiser was released in 2008 and has quickly become a very popular SUV according to sales figures and user reviews. According to the automobile marketers, car sales set a new record with the introduction of the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Continue reading this article to learn more about the outstanding features of the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Toyota FJ Cruiser – Living up to its Motto You may have seen Toyota FJ Cruiser’s motto "Leave no stone unclimbed" and the Toyota FJ Cruiser is certainly living up to that motto! With the great power of the SUV, you can use the vehicle to climb any rough terrain. Toyota FJ Cruiser gets the great power from 4.0L V6 engine with VVT-i, rated at 239 hp (178 kW) at 5200 rpm. The great power delivered by the Toyota FJ Cruiser is really a boon to the off-road driving enthusiasts.

The retro-style SUV was first introduced by Toyota as a concept car in the year 2003. The first sale of Toyota FJ Cruiser was made in 2006. With much advancement in technology, this great SUV adopted a new style and was reborn in 2008. The 2008 FJ Cruiser offers several standard safety features, including dual front airbags and also second-row side curtain airbags.

Its new Rear Intuitive Parking Assist aids the driver when backing into a spot, detecting how close the vehicle is to certain objects. The two-tone exterior color and black bumpers with metallic silver trim add to the sleek appearance of the FJ Cruiser, while a rear window defogger with intelligent timer make this model convenient. With ABS, double-wishbone front suspension, a stabilizer bar and a 4-link rear suspension, the Toyota FJ Cruiser offers passengers great safety and comfort.

Where to buy a Toyota FJ Cruiser Toyota FJ Cruisers are available everywhere. But it is very much important to buy your car from a genuine and authorized Toyota dealer. If you are living in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region and searching for a reputable and authorized Toyota dealer, you can stop searching now. One of the most reputable authorized Toyota dealers in Pennsylvania is located in Greensburg. Buying a Toyota FJ Cruiser from an authorized Toyota dealer presents a great opportunity to save a great deal of cash and reap other benefits that come directly from Toyota.

Toyota of Greensburg, a Pittsburgh metropolitan area Toyota dealer, can assist you in selecting the vehicle that best suits your needs. What are you waiting for? Visit a Greensburg Pennsylvania Toyota dealer and get the power unleashed by a Toyota FJ Cruiser!

Toyota Greensburg provides Toyota FJ Cruiser car that are recognized as environment friendly and fuel efficient. The EPA and the US Department of Energy recognizes the Greensburg Toyota having the best gas mileage of any car on the market in the 2009 Fuel Economy Guide.
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