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Watching The Birds While Camping

By: Victor Epand

Outdoors Many individuals enjoy watching the birds when they are camping out in the great outdoors, which is why having a bird identifier is so important. Often times, when you place bird feeders or bird seed around your camp site it is often important to have a tent handy so you can keep out of site so the birds will come closer.

When you are camping in the outdoors you will hear the subtle songs from the many birds that are in the wild, but do you ever wonder what the name of the birds are that are singing? A bird identifier is perfect for carrying along with you when you are in the outdoors with your children or even if you are all alone. Having a bird identifier along with you is an excellent way to learn about the native birds and their songs. Spring brings a lot of beautiful scenery to the outdoors, but it also brings some of the most beautiful music your ears will ever hear. During this time of the year, the woods and even your backyards are filled with a cacophony of North American birds singing their joyful songs.

You hear them all the time, but most people take the sound of birds for granted, but if you have ever stopped and listened to the music, then you would be amazed at all the different sounds you will hear. If you are a bird watcher or simply intrigued by the chirping you hear everyday, then the perfect gift to purchase for yourself is a bird identifier. These are interesting devices that can be used as both a recreational and educational bird watching tool.

One particular bird identifier is only about four by six inches and it will fit in the palm of your hand and it will bring the outdoors to your fingertips. If you hear a bird chirping and you would like to know what it is, then all you do is simply put in the credit-card sized song card. The song card has ten pictures of birds on it and you press the button next to the picture and the identifier will "sing" the corresponding bird's song. This is great if you would like to be able to identify birds by their songs, but it can also be used to locate birds in your area.

If you would like to find a certain bird, just push the corresponding button on the card and listen to see if any birds respond. The player operates on three AAA batteries and is very easy to use with volume control, a power switch, and a private listening device. A bird identifier is perfect for carrying along with you when you are in the outdoors with your children or even if you are all alone. These bird identifiers normally come with at least two song cards, which will identify twenty bird songs, and a guide to help you learn many helpful tips about the birds and bird watching.

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