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5 Reasons To Fly From Liverpool Airport

By: Matthew James

Travel Tips Liverpool Airport If you live in the North West and are flying for business or pleasure then you probably already know which airport is closest to you. You might find that the closest airport isnít the quickest to get to, or the most convenient.

So, why should you fly from Liverpool Airport?

1. Liverpool Airport is easy to get to, thanks to the M6, M57 and M62 motorways and road links and a good train service. Whether you live in North Wales, or North Lancashire, Liverpool Airport is not as far away as you might think. Perhaps you want to explore somewhere new on a weekend break, and want an airport thatís not too far away, and easy to reach.

2. The leading airlines fly from Liverpool Airport to many European destinations as well as worldwide destinations. With more destinations planned, you will be able to fly where you want to. Whether you are flying for business, or planning your summer holiday, you will be able to get there from Liverpool Airport.

3. You can book your holiday online with Liverpool Airport. The flight and hotel can be booked in advance, and you already know which airport the flight goes from, and can plan your journey. Cheap car parking is also available at Liverpool Airport if you book online in advance. Massive savings can be made if you know when you are flying. Even if you only find out a few days in advance that you will be flying, car parking booked on line will be cheaper than just paying on the day. Business passengers who regularly fly from Liverpool Airport are able to purchase a season ticket which guarantees a parking space, at a much reduced cost.

4. If you want to make your stay in Liverpool longer, either before or after your flight, there is plenty to see and do. How about shopping at the newly opened Liverpool One shopping site? The bars, restaurants and shops at the Albert Dock? A Beatles themed tour of the city? The famous galleries and museums such as the Walker Art Gallery and the Tate Liverpool? Even if you donít enjoy shopping or culture, you may enjoy the football at Goodison Park or Anfield, or the horse racing at Aintree.

5. You may be a frequent flier and know what sort of amenities and facilities are available at a modern airport. For those who donít know, modern airports offer much more than just duty free shopping. You can find bars and restaurants, wi-fi internet access, as well as meeting rooms, and other business and conference facilities.

If youíre booking a holiday, or a flight, then why not choose Liverpool Airport? Itís easy to get to and will fly you to where you want to go. What more could you want?

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