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Top Six Facts Why Barbados is the Best Caribbean

By: Jo Alelsto

Travel Tips Reason # 1: Breath-taking scenery

Barbados is a coral island set out to sea with beautiful and breath-taking scenery of the vast blue-green waters surrounding it. Long stretches of fine white sand are strategically located at its western course. Coral reefs are abundant in its waters and provide excellent opportunities in snorkeling and diving. Along with its mesmerizing beauty of the place comes the relaxing and soothing pleasure of its pleasant trade winds. All these and more make up the perfect tropical feeling of comfort and pleasure.

Reason #2: Flavorful blend of tropical food

Mouth-watering, flavorful and exotic food will surely be one of the islandís main attractions. If youíre up to having a food trip of mind bending taste then pack up your bags, put on your best Caribbean attire and make your way to its local restaurants.

Among their famous delicacies in the island is their national dish called Cou Cou and flying fish. Although their names might sound a bit unusual, Iím pretty sure they taste heavenly. The first one is a distinctive blend of cornmeal and okra mixed with salt, pepper, tomatoes and Bajan hot sauce. Meanwhile, flying fish is a common kind of fish thriving in the waters surrounding the island. Be it served steamed or fried, this recipe would surely make you crave for more.

Reason #3: Great weather

One important thing that travelers and tourists have to keep in mind in choosing a fantastic get-away trip is the weather. Barbados is located on the eastern most part of the Caribbean islands. It is sunnier and drier compared with many other islands. Fresh breeze, warm sunshine, and sufficient rainfall is what makes this island best for relaxation and provides soothing comfort any person would love.

Youíll surely have fun basking under the sun, having a great time in the beach and enjoying other outdoor activities during the months of December to June. As for the islandís so-called wet season, some brief rain showers are expected to come around the months of July to November. Most rain showers in the island donít last long. They just come and go for a swift period so as

to freshen things up a little.

Reason #4: Superb night life experience

After having a blast during the day, wait for whatís in store in the night. Ready with their reggae and calypso beat, nightlife in Barbados would surely give you a superb experience. Several restaurants and dining places abound the area. Also, if you are up to a more hip taste of night outs, you can opt for many bars and night clubs along St. Lawrence Gap and Bridgetown.

Reason #5: Rich history and culture

With British settlers and African influence, this island surely has a rich cultural history. The long standing British presence in the place resulted to more influences to the island as well as to its people. You could opt to discover, explore and appreciate the beauty of the traditional architecture evidently found on the buildings and establishments of the place.

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