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Basic Steps Towards A Good Web Design

By: Omar Dhillon

Computers and Technology A good web design with the potential to help your online marketing campaign and presenting your product on the internet effectively requires good attractive ideas and technical background. There are different guidelines and standards you need to follow to create a lucrative and interactive web design. We will discuss few fundamentals stages you must consider while designing a website.

Layout, by layout we mean a structure of your design idea, you can use simple graphics tool to draw a layout of your web design, defining the position of your modules and main components. You can also fix positions of your images and animation. A layout is very useful and helps you have a decent design without clustering the content at one portion of the page.

Once the layout is approved, next comes the designing phase. With a proper descriptive layout it becomes very easy for designers to follow it. There can be great number of web design ideas so you have to choose something that supports your requirement and product as well. For example to display products it will be more appropriate if you use a catalogue based web design rather than a simple article page. The design must be settled before actually the designing phase begins because having an ad-hoc design can cause a lot of troubles and quality bugs.

When it comes to developing the web site, always use latest technology. The use of latest tools will not only support the flexibility of your web design, but will also help you to give more features and facility to the user. You must pick good combination of technology and tools to make your pages load faster and appear smoothly because the visitor is more concerned about how the page appears to him rather than the 2000 lines of code you have written behind.

Accessibility is the main thing about your web design which you need to focus. You must put together your web design and technology together in such a way that it is accessible from anyplace at anytime and faster, for this you can use best servers, another solution is to use less number of images and animation because they can slow down the loading process, added to it the web design must be easy to navigate. Visitors don’t like web designs with complex structures and paths. It would be better if all your pages are linked to the home page a good way to do this is to use bread crumbs.

To sum it all, going through all these milestones will help you get an effective web design, with the tendency to convert a potential visitor into a regular customer.

Omar Dhillon is working with Xtremax Pte Ltd. a Singapore based web design and web development company. We specialize in web design, System Integration, Content Managements System and Search Engine Marketing.
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