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Shout it From the Rooftops: Let Everyone Know About Your New Baby

By: Heather Carreiro

Pregnancy "What time was he born?"
"How much did he weigh?"
"And what name did you pick?"
"Oh! How adorable!"

Within a few hours of your baby's birth, you're sure to have all the vital statistics memorized. Height, weight, time, date and name are need-to-know information for family and friends. You can be sure that your mother is calling all her friends, and your mother-in-law is calling all her friends and relaying the same information. Why do the facts about your baby get around so fast? Everyone just loves to talk about babies!

It's so fun to buy baby clothes and those tiny little shoes. Within days, maybe even hours, of birth, your friends and family will be lining up to give you their hand-me-down baby clothes or the latest trends in infant fashion. They will be dying to hear all about the birth and the new addition to your family.

Now most people you are close to won't be satisfied to just hear about your new baby; they will want to see what your baby looks like. They will want to speculate if she looks more like mom or dad, even if she's only a week old and doesn't open her eyes much yet. Let your friends and family share in your joy by sending a cute and colorful birth announcement with a photo. Include all the most important information about your baby's birth on the card. Make sure that you note the baby's name, date of birth, time of birth, length and weight accurately.

Sending birth announcements is not only a good way to spread the news about your baby's birth but also to familiarize friends and family with the baby's name. Nowadays, many couples are choosing names from their ethnic heritage or even making up new names. It can take a while for your relatives and co-workers to adjust to a different name, but if they have the name printed on a card they're sure to remember it quicker.

Choose fun baby themed birth announcements. Your aunts, cousins, and friends will love receiving a card with your little angel's picture next to a plump teddy bear or a purple rattle. Popular themes for cards include baby toys, pastels and polka dots. They can hang the card on their fridges or doors and let everyone know about your little bundle of joy.

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