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Lower High Blood Pressure without Medicine

By: Barry Shore

Family Lower Blood Pressure Naturally without Medicine by Barry Shore

Recently, in "Health Watch" an article written by Harvard Medical School states, "A hand grip designed to keep fighter pilots from blacking out during sharp turns and steep dives has an interesting therapeutic benefit on the ground — lowering blood pressure without medication.

Squeezing the grip for a few minutes a day has been shown to lower blood pressure as much as a first-line antihypertension drug. How it does this is still something of a medical mystery."

Also, as reported in the Associated Press, "...breathing ... slowly for a few minutes a day is enough to help some people nudge down bad blood pressure".

Dr. David Anderson, who heads research into behavior and hypertension at the NIH's National Institute on Aging, is doing a study to try to prove it.

As reported by AP, "65 million Americans have high blood pressure, putting them at increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, kidney damage, blindness and dementia. Many don't know it. Hypertension is often called the silent killer, because patients may notice no symptoms until it already has done serious damage. Anyone can get high blood pressure, measured as a level of 140 over 90 or more." There are 3 commercial methods on the market today which encompass the techniques outlined above to lower blood pressure. Zona Plus offers a squeezing device, and Resperate offers a breathing device. BPDown combines both squeezing and breathing into one program. The Zona Plus and Resperate systems sell for hundreds of dollars each while the BPDown program sells for $49 including free shipping.

All of these systems are for sale on Ebay and elsewhere on the internet. Many users of the BPDown system exclaim that their blood pressure goes down after the very first usage. However, it usually takes a few weeks for the lower blood pressure to be maintained on a steady basis.

The BPDown system is designed to be lightweight and compact, and requires no electronics or batteries. Therefore it is expected to last longer with less maintenance and be carried anywhere so the squeezing and breathing program can be done anytime. People say they do it watching TV, while riding in a car, while waiting for an appointment, etc.

More information can be obtained at www.bpdown.us.

My name is Barry Shore. My wife Sybil and I developed the BPDown program. Currently 69 years old, I have had high blood pressure since my early 30's. Using medication for over 30 years my BP has mostly ranged between 140/80 to 180/90 and my pulse has been between 65 and 75. After just one usage of the BPDown Program I was amazed at the substantial positive results. Since then my BP readings have been predominantly between 115/55 to 129/79, pulse between 50 and 60. More info at www.bpdown.us.
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