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We Saved Our Marriage In An Inflatable Boxing Ring!

By: Martin Waters

Kids and Teens Is your marriage in turmoil? Do you have some deep hatred and anger nagging you? Would you like to release it? Then call your wife or husband and dare him to a boxing match! And you might just be surprised with the results.

Psychological studies indicate that venting all your fear, frustrations, and anger can actually be good for you. Psychologists say that if you can direct your hate towards something, then you're going to help yourself much. And your feelings towards the subject of your hate can improve tremendously.

Now here's the thing: What if you can direct all your frustrations straight to the person who have caused them? If lashing at something works, how much more effective will it be if you have that person in front of you and inside the boxing ring? The effect would be doubly fulfilling for sure!

This is the very idea behind saving a marriage using an inflatable boxing ring. Trivial as it may seem, this toy can definitely change your life Ė and the way you see things even! Wouldn't it be much healthier in your relationship if you can tell one another the things that you don't like about each other? Surely, your punches can mean I forgive you or I love you, in one way or the other.

Men and women do have differences. And if they're married, there will be so much more to patch and adjust with. Saving a marriage is a big task. But done inside an inflatable boxing ring? That's something monumental!

Try it. It may really work for you. After your sessions with the therapist, go ahead and play a good round of boxing. Show your partner how strong you can punch. And he'll show you his wares as well. It is a physical game but hey, you two are couples anyway. And at the end of the day, it's still the two of you patching things up.

Sometimes, frustrations are best delivered and than said. But of course, you can also do some talking and shouting while inside the inflatable boxing ring. Because at that special arena, both of you cease to be husbands and wives. Each one of you becomes an opponent waiting to strike. Just don't forget to wear all the gears and the gloves and everything should be fine.

But more than these, an inflatable boxing ring is also a good physical exercise for both of you. Forget the anger and the hate. Not all couples go through that phase anyway. If boxing is something that the two of you can enjoy, playing the sport on top of an inflatable boxing arena is certainly a lot more fun than doing it the regular way.

As you explore new things with your wife and husband and as you open up your feelings to him or her, there's no reason why your marriage can't be saved. With an inflatable boxing ring, it can even become much stronger. Don't doubt it, just try it. What do you have to lose anyway? Hopefully, not your marriage.

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