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99,450 Unfilled Work-At-Home Jobs Available Today?

By: Michael Ford

Careers Full time employment is going the way of the dinosaur. A new trend in hiring provides a more liquid job market that makes it easier and faster to be hired than ever before.

The old job search websites are no longer where you find jobs. Today the smart worker seeks out freelance jobs they can do at home. You no longer post your resume on a job service and hope an employer will contact you. Now you can look over a list of jobs, pick the one you want and then tell the employer what you want to be paid. When you finish that job you pick the next one you want. If you want to take a break, simply wait before taking the next job.

I checked the job listings today and found 99,450 work-at-home jobs which had not been filled. There are not enough workers available to fill all of the jobs posted.

We are no longer a society of factory workers but of information jockeys. It is simply not necessary to go to an office in order to do a job anymore. A result of this shift, a new type of employment has suddenly surged called Freelance work. Freelancing involves taking short term jobs for fixed amounts through special websites called Hire-Me sites. These are websites where companies post job requests and willing workers respond.

It is the opposite of the old way of hiring people. The old way involved an employer posting a generic classified ad and sifting through stacks of resumes, then offering someone an hourly rate job for an uncertain future time period or the employee posted their resume and hoped to be noticed on job sites.

The new Hire-Me hiring trend means employers post a description of the job they want completed, not the general position to be filled. Employees can self qualify themselves from the description and if they are interested in the job, they can notify the employer and tell the employer how much they would charge to do the job.

The new Hire-Me employment system has major advantages for both workers and employers.

Workers can choose what they want to be paid before beginning, work when they want, take time off when they want, and never have to leave home. Businesses can hire people to do the jobs they need as freelancers. They no longer have to keep a full staff of employees, only hire those they need at any given time and they can hire the most skilled employee for any given job. A business may need a web designer on Monday, a graphic artist Wednesday and someone with a nice voice Friday. They can easily hire three different people, each to do just the job the company wants completed. Small businesses can now do many tasks or connect with consultants that would have been cost prohibitive in the past.

If a small company needs a web page designed, they no longer have to depend on a local designer doing the job for $1000 or more and working for weeks. They can hire someone online who can do the same job online for $300. This saves the company money and gives work to a web designer who would otherwise not have worked at all.

Hire-Me type sites open up the market to people who would never have otherwise been connected to businesses needing workers.

These jobs are not all technical in nature. The bulk of the jobs involve web design and programming, but there are still many thousands of jobs posted daily for people with average skills. Small businesses need people who can translate their website into Spanish or other languages. They need people to record voicemail messages in a pleasing voice. They need people who can record commercials for their website or for radio commercials, or people who can work as personal assistants. Many small businesses need writing services including writing short articles, writing sales letters, press releases, or even proofreading eBooks or reports.

There are also more specialized opportunities such as businesses seeking SEO consultants, marketing experts, and artists to create drawings of prototypes or cartoons for websites or newsletters.

There is almost no end to the creative types of jobs that employers need filled.

One of the greatest benefits of these Hire-Me/Freelance jobs is the fact that they are all work-at-home jobs. Workers can work on their own schedule, anytime of the day or night without ever having to drive in rush hour traffic.

The phrase Work-At-Home is commonly associated with fraud because there are so many scams out there. Many crooks offer fake opportunities such as work-at-home typing, data entry, envelope stuffing or assembly jobs. These are all well known scams.

The Hire-Me sites help you avoid dishonest people because the sites offer a rating system for both employers and workers so you can see what jobs they have offered in the past and how other members have rated their experience with them. This gives both workers and employers more confidence in the people they work with. The jobs on the site also vary. You really can find work at home typing or legitimate data entry opportunities on Hire-Me sites. You may work one job submitting a company in Nebraska to directory sites on Monday, then take a new job for a company in London on Tuesday who wants someone to type 200 names from a scanned company directory.

The flexibility and wide ranging skill sets make Hire-Me jobs perfect for anyone who has limited skills or limited time or limited mobility as well as those with highly specialized skills. Working mom's can take jobs and work on them a few minutes at a time while at home. Teenagers can take web design jobs and work on them after school. Seniors can accept jobs without ever having to leave the house or meeting their employer in person. Hire-Me sites offer a new frontier in employment where there is no prejudice against age, sex, or skin color. Workers are hired solely on their ability to do the job at hand.

Another advantage of these Hire-Me sites is privacy. You never share your personal information or social security number with strangers. Identity theft is a major concern on the Internet. These Hire-Me sites take care of all the legal and tax matters so you never have to worry about identity theft. Many thousands of jobs go unfilled every day. The problem is that there are not enough willing workers.

One reason the jobs go unfilled is because potential workers do not understand how to apply for a job on these sites. Applying for jobs is not complicated. It is easy. It is so easy, many seeking employment treat it too casually and as a result they are not hired. They send short, trite responses to employers or otherwise do things that turn off employers and cause the potential employer to ignore the worker and not hire them. It is important to understand how these sites work in order to successfully find work through them.

The promise of working at home, never driving to work again can lead you into a totally new type of employment where you are in control of your time and your money.

If you are interested in applying for any of the jobs on Hire-Me sites, you can find more information and a list of Hire-Me sites at http://hire-me.y3s.net If you are a business interested in hiring employees through these sites, you can find more important information on this subject at http://rent-a-coder.y3s.net By Michael Ford
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