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Legendary Stag Weekends

By: Jennie Wallace

Marriage Tales of legendary stag weekends are told by fathers to their sons in pubs the night before the wedding. If you are that son and your stag weekend was less than legendary, or even memorable for the wrong reasons, then the groom will spend the rest of marriage wondering where one finds these mystical stag weekends.

Stag weekends that are legendary are full of stories of conquests and passion. These days stag weekends often involve drinking too much and in one recent stag weekend, that was less than ‘legendary' for the bride, the groom was arrested (along with the best man) and the wedding never happened.

If you want a stag weekend that is legendary then there are a few pointers to follow that are sure to make your stag weekend OF stag weekends.

Stag weekends don't have to be fancy and flash like that of Manchester United Football Ace Wayne Rooney, who flew his friends to Ibiza for four days so that they could play on an expensive yacht, but they have to be fun.

Stag weekends spent in your local doing the same thing that you do on a Friday night can be fun, but if you are looking for something else, even a trip to your nearest city can make any stag weekend a bit more exciting. Add a cheap hotel and some dancing girls and you have the ingredients of a perfect stag weekend.

When you are organising stag weekends, it is worth thinking about the stag party. There should be something for everybody on a stag weekend. One of your mates is going to want girls; girls to dance with, girls to watch dance and girl to chat to. Another mate will be about the music and there will always be one who will be about drinking his weight in alcohol. With these ‘types' of stag weekend blokes on tour with you make sure that you chose a good club, perhaps with a variety of music genres rooms – this covers drinks, ladies and music. So this covers the night, so if you are on a stag night one nighter, then this has it covered. However, if you are out for the entirety of a weekend, then you need to keep yourselves amused and out of trouble during the day too.

Stag weekends where you go paintballing or go karting are obvious, and fun, but you could opt for throwing in another factor. Perhaps you all went to Uni together, in which case re-living your student life on your stag weekend is a sure fire way of bringing put some childish behaviour that will have you laughing all of the way home.

A stag weekend which does require a bit more planning and a bit of a budget is a trip abroad. This could be either a scheduled and organised trip with activities sorted OR it could be a little bit more engineered and full or surprise. For example, everyone hands over £xx before the trip to one person – probably the best man. The best man then buys flights and sorts all the rest out and then everyone arrives at the airport and is handed an envelope. Within the envelope are the tickets and usually stuff as well as a mission for the stag weekend. This could be anything from get the groom a dance with a striper or get his locked out of his room when he is naked. You get the idea – but either way – this will definitely make him feel like he has some legendary stories from his stag weekend to tell his son.

Legendary stag weekends don't have to be a headache and in fact can be fun to organise and even easy. Stag Weekends should have something for everyone and don't have to be expensive, lavish affairs.
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