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Keep the Heat On With These Wedding Favors

By: Aaron Hu

Marriage No matter how cold it gets outside, the aim of a wedding is to join man and woman so that the fires of passion keep burning for the rest of the couple's lives. Why not celebrate this heart fire with special wedding favors that "keep the heat on"? We're talking specifically about fire--in some sophisticated candle wedding favors as well as gifts that celebrate fun in the sun, with special beach wedding favors.

Let's talk first about candle wedding favors. These are appropriate gifts for your wedding guests, because after all, what medium to large wedding does not use candles? They're practically a symbol of the ceremony, and no providing candle wedding favors for those at the event will help to bring their minds back to this special day. When we speak of candle wedding favors, we're talking of two different things: There are candles themselves, and then there are items used with the candles. There is everything from scented votives to tea lights to keepsake candles which have been specially sculpted. There are also candle holders that can even be personalized with the bride and groom's names or initials. The right wedding candle favors can range in their thee from seaside themes to Asian designs to winter wedding styles, or anything else in between. You can also get votives which are monogrammed with the couple's initials, or you can provide other candle wedding favors with special personalized tags. Whichever way you go, your candle wedding favors are sure to enchant and delight your guests, and yet do so in a way that does not bust your budget. In fact, most candle wedding favors run no more than $2 or $3 apiece, although if you want to splurge, you can find more expensive (and more deluxe) ones as well.

And then we move to heat, not on the inside, but outdoors: beach wedding favors! More and more people are choosing to incorporate a beach theme into their wedding. And for these, obviously, beach wedding favors are ideal. So just what classifies a gift as beach-related? Basically item which suggests sun and fun would qualify in this category. Some possible beach wedding favors might include items decorated with seashells (or even in the shape of seashells; for instance, there are seashell-shaped bookmarks that are quite inexpensive yet make great beach wedding favors). They could include a "Beach Memories" album, mints in cans decorated with a beach themes, seaside "tea light" candles, authentic seashell placecard holders, cookie cutters shaped as palm trees, sailboat-shaped placecard holders, favor bags decorated with beach pictures such as seashells or palm trees, or much more. Best of all, nearly every item we've mentioned in this list can be bought for less than $2 each. Some people think that beach wedding favors are only appropriate for outdoors weddings, where the ceremony is literally held on the beach. While beach wedding favors are certainly the most appropriate ones in this context, there are many other times when you could use them as well. For instance, they work well with a Hawaiian theme, whether indoors or outdoors. And even if it's a church wedding, if the couple are known beach fanatics, then they might want to incorporated beach elements throughout the event--including as their favors. So don't be afraid to have fun with this and incorporate that "fun in the sun" as an element of appreciation for your wedding guests.

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