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Enhance Your Child Creativity with Building Toys and Construction Sets

By: Marina Neiman

Parenting Whether you have a young son or daughter or you simply would like to shop for your favorite kid, there are many toys available for you to give the tot you have in mind! The question becomes, with all this variety around, you'll often find yourself a little bit dismayed at what might be the right choice. When you are at a loss, however, you should always remember that construction toys are great when it comes to young children, for a variety of reasons. Building toys can do excellent things for the motor reflexes of a young boy or girl, and the child you have in mind will be happy to play with toys that will actually allow to them to build and create.

When you are looking at young child, perhaps the first thing you think of, are soft toys. While soft toys can be very comforting, building toys can help a child develop considerably faster! Many say that regardless of sex, small children instinctively gravitate towards toys that allow them to be builders and architects. One way to foster this is by purchasing a set of small wooden blocks and planks that are sized to a child's hands. These toys, while simple, give a child a sense of control over his or her environment and can help them learn more about it as well.

Another type of building toy that you might be interested in is a classic wooden marble run. Your child will build a ramp and a slide for a marble that will then roll down. While of course you should always remember to monitor a child who is playing with a small object, this will be a great way for your child to learn about things like force and cause and effect, not to mention he or she will learn more about manipulation and how to work towards a goal. You'll find that this will keep your tyke entertained for hours, far away from the television and DVD player!

Though you might not immediately see it, construction toys also allow children to be creative. Think about a small child building a house with you. When the house is done, you can always ask the child who he or she thinks lives there. Many parents are a little confused as to how to play with their children, especially as those children get older, and you will soon see that if you have something to work with, like building toys or construction sets, you will be able to form a rapport with them.

When you are looking for toys that will both challenge your child and enhance his or her manual dexterity, you owe it to yourself to see what you can find when it comes to construction toys. While you might not find what you are looking for right away, take a look at the innovative toys that are offered in Europe, like the KAPLA Building Planks and CLICS. Take a look around and don't let these valuable development years pass by without comment. This is a great time to enhance your child's reflexes, so don't let them pass you both by!

Marina Neiman, author and mother of two, writes for 1888Toys.com – Educational Toys Store, featuring classic wooden toys and selection of building toys or construction sets.
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