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Christmas in Benidorm – A location that’ll fill you with good cheer

By: Larry Austin

Family Christmas has been an event that has been celebrated widely throughout the globe. Whilst for many it holds an undeniable religious attraction, it also does have good fun associated with it. True enough that the December season is celebrated by many a country and town, yet one could argue that Benidorm, which is a small Valencian coastal town located in the Marina Baixa is the place to be every end of year. The Spanish do have a long and illustrious history and culture which they are privy to. Yet it is more than just this "foreign" aspect that usually woos tourists from all across the globe with special emphasis on Europe.

Located in the province of Alicante, this inimitable town is referred to as "Beniyork" or the "Manhattan of Spain". The main reason for this is that there are numerous skyscrapers dotting the skyline of this mystical town. So in fact Benidorm is rather very westernized and is as a consequence very cosmopolitan. Maybe the reason why so many do venture into this intrinsically Spanish town is the fact that it is a "home away from home". Yet one would be hard pressed to identify just one single reason why every Christmas, in Benidorm is the place to be. The reasons are intangible. It is more to do with what this fascinating place allows you to experience.

Populated heavily by British, Dutch and Flemish tourists all year round, Benidorm has many exciting places to visit, such as for example the 1406 m Puig Campana Mountain. There are also many exciting things to do in this lovely tourist destination. Imagine snorkelling, swimming, golfing and sunbathing during Christmas. Christmas is a warm affair in this part of the world. The weather is another highly probable reason why Benidorn attracts many visitors annually to celebrate Christmas. One should also make a mention of the hotels in Benidorm, which are truly superlative in their offerings and convenience. Many offer facilities and amenities that are truly incomparable.

The 8th of December has been judiciously christened as "La Inmaculada Concepcion" or in English-speak "Feast of the Immaculate Conception". It is an event or festival that is taken every seriously and has serious religion connotations. Of course, it is an event that leads up to the 25th of December or Christmas Day. In Spanish-speak it is called "Navidad". During this time, there are many festivities and jollity that takes place. One of the most memorable moments would be when the "Town Hall Square" is colourfully converted into the "Christmas Square". Also present is an ice ring and a 19th century merry go round, the town has its own nativity scene whilst a Christmas market, a variety of games and a 15 metre well festooned Christmas tree is up for viewing. Visitors would be glad to note that majority of the Benidorm hotels are in close proximity to all this excitement. The Christmas season does officially wind down on the 5th of January. It is on this day that the "Cavalcade of the 3 Kings" takes place. Paying much attention to detail, tourists can witness the 3 dressed up kings riding on horseback while having numerous children following them. There will also be many colourful and bauble filled floats following in procession whilst traditional sweets are handed down to the visitors and locals lining the streets. In order to get to see this procession, tourists who are staying at any Hotels in Benidorm will be able to inquire from the tourist desk as to the exact location and time of this particular event.

Benidorm truly does offer an inimitable Christmas like no other. Visitors and tourists alike are encouraged wholeheartedly to visit this magical destination. One is assured of enjoying and experiencing a Christmas like no other.

Larry Austin is a freelance journalist and who writes on topics related to travel, hotels and destination reviews. He is currently working for RoomsNet.com. Benidorm is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain and RoomsNet.com is a specialist for Hotels in Benidorm. You may view Benidorm Hotels here classified under many themes.
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