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A Few Classy Wedding Favors

By: Aaron Hu

Marriage When you organize the details of the upcoming wedding, one of the more fun items to coordinate are the wedding favors. These are those novel gifts you provide for the guests at the wedding, and especially for those who make some sort of meaningful contribution to the wedding. This would include, for instance, the bridesmaids, groomsmen, bride's family, the minister, and so on Many wedding favors come down on the fun side of things--mugs or candies, for instance. However, there are other more elegant wedding favors. Items which we normally associate with a sophisticated lifestyle are things we would classify as elegant wedding favors. Let's consider a few examples: Wine or champagne glasses are common elegant wedding favors. They not only provide a practical gift for your guests, but they suggest a life of sophistication and luxury. Likewise, fine embroidered handkerchiefs can be given to either male or female guests, and are good possibilities in elegant wedding favors. Most of the ladies at your wedding will appreciate decorative candles or fragrant bath soaps; these also suggest the life of luxury we're talking about. And for the men, you could purchase a classy engraved pen, with the couple's initials on them. Any of these are fine examples of elegant wedding favors.

And of course, there are certain food items that we associate with luxury and class. Fine chocolates, are one example. But most of all, we would think of coffee and tea wedding favors. This includes, not just the drinks themselves, but items we associate with holding or dispensing them. Some examples of much-appreciated coffee and tea wedding favors might include a personalized bag of tea or coffee or a tea infuser in a heart shape. There are other items such as coffee-scented (and decorated) candles, teapot-shaped place-card holders, entire coffee or tea kits, gift boxes filled with cookies and tea, and more. Any of these are functional yet elegant coffee and tea wedding favors. As for the actual teas and coffees there's lots of variety available there as well. Naturally, you don't want to just go into the local Kroger and buy some tea or coffee off the shelves. Instead, there are numerous shops online (and even "real-world" shops) that specialize in gifts such as wedding favors. These are the places you want to search for your coffee and tea wedding favors. There, you'll find such choice items as decorative mug-shaped containers of french vanilla cappuccino, special decorative boxes of apple-cinnamon tea or even just lemon tea.

So what other items suggest elegance and class that might be offered as wedding favors? There are too many possibilities to list them all here. Remember, though, that many items are given a special fragrance that qualifies them as elegant wedding favors. And so, we would put scented candles and bath beads in this group or other items designed to please the sense of smell. Another indicator of elegance are the classic wedding hearts. You can find heart shapes in everything from salt and pepper shakers to place-card holders...and these make excellent, elegant wedding favors. Other, more standard favors can become elegant wedding favors by making a few adjustments to them. For instance, placing them in a sophisticated decorative gift bag or box lends an air of elegance to them. Or sometimes it just requires providing an elegant card with the gift, and then tying it up with a nice ribbon. All of these will provide the gifts with class and sophistication that won't be soon forgotten by the recipients.

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