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Photo Identification Cards Can Protect Your Child

By: Sher Matsen

Kids and Teens Technology has changed a great deal in just a decade. What we used to have to rely on other businesses to do for us, can now be done efficiently, and cost effectively in-house. The printing of photo ID cards is one of those tasks. But photo ID cards have a place outside corporate America. Photo ID Cards can be used to protect students and children in a variety of ways.

Many businesses already rely on photo ID cards, but what many don't realize is just how many other uses there are for these cards. For example, they've become a powerful tool when it comes to protecting our children, and they are used in almost every school too.

There are many different photo ID card systems on the market, so no matter what type of cards you would like to produce, you can easily find a system to do the job. You can customize your identification system to meet your organization's needs. Photo ID cards for students and children will have different criteria than those used in business. Let's have a look at these uses, starting with children's photo ID cards.

Protecting our children has always been at the top of every parent's priorities. Should your child go missing, time is of the essence, and having all the information about your child in one place makes a lot of sense.

In the past, parents would have a photo, perhaps even a fingerprint, their child's height and weight recorded, as well as other important information written on a piece of paper. It was stored someplace safe, where it would hopefully be easy to access, if it was needed. But technology advancements have made it easy to provide much more useful photo ID for children.

Many different organizations offer a free service to provide children with photo ID. There are often corporate promotions and school safety events where you can bring your child to receive a child photo ID. You can also purchase a child identification kit and do it yourself. You might want to look for a corporate sponsor or perhaps even approach your school. Schools often have complete photo ID card systems, so it makes sense to arrange to use their equipment.

These photo ID cards will have a photo of the child, a fingerprint, hair color, eye color, birth marks, scars, height, weight, and any other pertinent information. These cards are about the size of a driver's license. It's recommended that each parent have a card on them, as well as any caregivers, since these are a first line of defense should your child go missing or become abducted. These should be updated regularly.

A second use of photo ID cards can be for student ID cards. Some schools are now starting this practice in grade one, while others don't introduce it until high school.

A student ID has many uses. It can be used simply as identification, but there are also many other uses. It can be used as a library card, for meal programs, for hall passes, to identify visitors and even parents, and to allow students to use other services within the school facilities.

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