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Sending Flowers during Funerals

By: Timothy Spencer

Family Losing a friend or a loved one causes a deep, searing pain that is difficult to endure, but sending over flowers can give comfort to those who are mourning. However, one should always remember that grieving relatives and loved ones may have some conservative views on death. Before sending over any floral arrangements for a funeral, you might want to know a little bit of etiquette when it comes to sympathy arrangements.

Since funerals and wakes are very sad occasions to begin with, color should be incorporated into the flower arrangement to bring life and energy into the room and to achieve the purpose of bringing comfort to grieving family members and loved ones.

The first thing you should remember is to send the arrangement to the funeral home on time; if you cannot send them in time for the wake itself, have the flowers delivered to the home of the deceasedís family. Always include a note, even if the message is as simple as "Our prayers and condolences are with you." Sending a note makes the gesture more personal and meaningful than just sending a card with the recipientís name. Finally, if you knew the deceased well, you might want to look for an arrangement that will reflect his or her tastes. If you know that the he or she loved colorful flowers, send an arrangement with pink and yellow roses. If you know that the deceased loved white flowers, choose an arrangement with daisies and white roses. Sending an arrangement with the deceasedís preferences in mind will carry more meaning and stand out among all the other arrangements in the funeral home.

The most traditional of all funeral arrangements is the all white wreath. It is a symbol of peace and tranquility and is your safest bet when sending to any funeral. Many cultures pay careful attention and are sensitive to the meaning of the flowers you send so if you are not sure, go for a plain white flower wreath.

If you donít mind sending a colorful flower arrangement to a funeral, I recommend that you choose a lively spray of orange roses or yellow roses. These warm colors are known to instantly lift the mood and soothe the spirits of anyone who receives them. Yellow, in particular, is a very cheerful color that represents joy and new beginnings. Thereís nothing wrong with choosing an arrangement that isnít as somber as lilies and white roses. Death, after all, is the only the start of an afterlife, and a flower arrangement with lively, vibrant colors will remind everyone that this is an occasion to celebrate a life well lived.

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