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The Influence of Colour on Human Development and Emotions

By: John Kaduwanema

Kids and Teens Most people have a favourite colour and most people will have their own ideas how colour should be used. Young or old, colours can have both positive and negative effects on our moods and feelings. The eleven basic colours, regardless of shade, tone or tint, have fundamental psychological properties that are universal.

In babies and children, colours are also believed to influence intellectual development and in babies especially, help to develop eyesight and thought development. Babies are unable to focus their eyes for the first six to eight weeks because they do not have control of the muscles that enable them to focus and this causes objects to remain blurry. Despite their inability to focus properly, studies have shown that infants as young as two weeks have colour vision and can distinguish between red and green objects. Therefore the selection and use of colours in the early stages of a babyís life could play a substantial part in the temperament and development of the child.

There is reason behind the traditional use of pastel colours in babies bedrooms, these softer shades create a more restful atmosphere which helps to calm and comfort infants by instilling a sense of security and tranquillity. Stronger, brighter primary colours are better used with toys, feeding equipment and other equipment and furnishings. Brightly coloured hanging mobiles and feeding equipment could be very beneficial in the early stages of a babyís life, especially as an infant has the ability to distinguish colour before they are able to properly focus. Products of this nature are usually brightly coloured and the Little Wonders range of babycare products is no exception. The Little Wonders range has been developed by a team of specialised designers committed to creating the most practical and best looking accessories for babies and toddlers. The same team behind the market leading Little Wonders range have been making own-branded baby care products range. They supply a comprehensive range of baby products for some of the UKís leading baby care retailers for many years.

The Little Wonders range of baby care products includes feeding bottles, Baby Soothers , tableware, baby teats and Baby Baths , all of which can be purchased online from the nominated distributor, First Aid Warehouse stock the full Little Wonders range as well as a range of supplementary baby and personal care products such as fertility and pregnancy tests, vitamins and pharmaceuticals.

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