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Personalized Mint Tins & Other Personalized Wedding Favors

By: Aaron Hu

Marriage Wedding favors have become as important a supply for marriage ceremonies as candles, wedding cakes and bridal gowns. Through these tokens, the couple can show their appreciation to all those who take part in the ceremony and make it as memorable as possible. Today, though, the trend is to buy more than just any old wedding favor; personalized wedding favors are the order of the day.

What exactly do we mean by personalized wedding favors? These can take a couple of forms. First, some items lend themselves well to the idea of embroidery. Usually it's the new couple's initials that are embroidered, and are featured on such items as towels, wash cloths, and handkerchiefs. These personalized wedding favors are both elegant and practical.

Other personalized wedding favors include those items which can be engraved. Again it's normally the couple whose name or initials are engraved on items such as pen sets, wine glasses, mugs, plates, and other luxury items. While it's not unheard of to have the recipient's own names or initials on some personalized wedding favors (especially the aforementioned pen sets), it is far more common to honor the future couple on these gifts. This way, every time the recipient uses that item, they are reminded of the bride and groom and of their wedding day. There is one other form of personalized wedding favors that many people overlook. Wedding mints are a delightful treat for almost anyone. But we're not talking Altoids or Peppermint Patties here. There are an array of elegant mints with a superb flavor, which come in equally superb tin containers. And when couples choose to use these as gifts, they are free to have their names or initials engraved on these. These personalized mint tins then become scrumptious and much-appreciated personalized wedding favors.

And there are many flavors for many tastes that you can offer in your personalized mint tins. There are everything from white peppermints and mint gum to tarts, sour apple candies, and others. The beauty of this gift idea is that the recipients can enjoy the candy inside but then keep the personalized mint tins themselves as keepsakes of the wedding. But what of cost? Is the purchase of personalized mint tins going to bust your wedding budget? Or will purchasing other personalized wedding favors cause you to go needlessly in debt? Not at all--at least, they need not be that pricey. For instance, there are websites where you can get these personalized mint tins, with candies already included, for $2 or $3. Considering a plain pack of Altoids at Kroger will cost you $1.75, that's a great deal! Some places also offer the option of selling the empty tins themselves, for less money of course, allowing you to fill them with your own candy selection.

So when it's time to select and order wedding favors, avoid the "blah" approach. This time, make them extra special to the recipients by offering them personalized wedding favors. They'll mean much more to them.

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