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Unique Personalized Favors for Your Wedding and Bridal Shower

By: Aaron Hu

Marriage Your wedding is bound to be one of the days of your life that you'll hold closest to you; personalized wedding favors are a good way to invite others to keep memories of your special day. Presenting your guests with a unique box or favor-bag with a thank-you note and your personalized wedding favors within is a good way show that you appreciate their spending such an important day with you.

Don't be afraid of bogging people down with unnecessary items - personalized wedding favors are not only fun, but they can be practical as well. Glass photo coasters, wine-bottle stoppers, and small magnets are popular ways to allow people to take part of the ceremony home with them. And personalized wedding favors don't need to be intrusive or loud - monogrammed items are both a beautiful and subtle way to personalize a wedding reception.

Your wedding is not only a lovely ceremony, it's one of the most important events you'll have in your lifetime. Why not make it about you?

The bridal shower is usually a highly-anticipated event when it comes to pre-wedding festivities, and bridal shower favors are an important part of the party; show appreciation for all those attending by having some prepared. Bridal shower favors should be interesting without being overbearing; they tend to work best when they incorporate the bride's personality along with the theme of the party.

Look for something fun and memorable. If your theme is a day at the spa, look for small, scented candles or incense kits. Girls' Night In? Look for cosmetic bags, small sachets, or wine-bottle stoppers. When it comes to bridal shower favors, the combinations are endless; have fun with them!

While you definitely want to make sure that your bridal shower is interesting and memorable, it's always most important to make sure that your bridal shower favors showcase you and your wedding while keeping the focus on the good times ahead. Stick to your own personal sense of style, and your bridal shower is guaranteed to be a success.

An important part of buying wedding favors is to be original, and unique wedding favors will definitely help in making your wedding day a special one.

In addition to the items one usually sees as standard wedding-favor fare, there are many ways that one can go - anywhere from small salt-and-pepper shakers to personalized bottles of hot sauce. Fortune cookies (complete with romantic fortunes), golf tees, and even personalized rulers are all available to help you celebrate your wedding day.

Unique wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes; let your creativity show through. Don't be afraid to get something that's a little more 'out there' - after all, it's your day; if you see something you really like, chances are that your guests will, too.

With all of the possibilities out there, you're guaranteed to find unique wedding favors to help ensure that your wedding day is a memorable one. All you need to do is look.

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