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Tribulus Terrestris - Taking A Tough Stance On Impotence

By: Hamza Davis

Family Tribulus Terrestris looks as tough as its name suggests. This thorny little plant whose fruit is covered in sharp spines can be used in treating a number of different human conditions, including impotency, infertility, and in improving libido in both men and women. Among its main active constituents are steroidal saponins, such as protodioscin and protoglascillin.

Tribulus Terrestris attacks impotency in a number of different ways:

Firstly, it does dilate coronary arteries and therefore improves blood circulation. As having a good blood circulation is crucial to achieving and maintaining an erection, it is clear to see why this would help.

Secondly, the effects that bodybuilders find when they use this herb to increase their muscle growth are equally important in treating impotence. One of the active elements in Tribulus Terrestris signals the production of luteinising hormones, which in turn signals the body to produce testosterone. Increased levels of testosterone help improve sexual drive, sexual performance and virility.

One major study conducted in the School of Medicine at Andalas University, Padang, Indonesia focused on just how effective Tribulus Terrestris is in treating impotence and lack of sex drive in men. The author noted that in many cases of impotency the afflicted male has likely hidden his problems for quite some time before seeking help for the problems. It also made a pertinent point in stating that while a man might notice a decrease in his libido, he is then more likely to suffer impotence as well. However, an impotent male usually has a normal sex drive but simply can't perform when he wants to.

A lack of libido can be caused by a number of different factors, including a mixture of physical factors, hormonal problems and psychological issues. Because of the link between lack of sex drive and impotence, it is sometimes difficult to treat the problem with traditional methods.

The report noted above suggested that, in some respects, herbal treatment for the problem may be more beneficial than traditional medical means because the impact of the herb is likely to be wide ranging rather than focused on a single physical or mental cause.

The results of the study focused firstly on men who had libido disorders (and one would assume impotence as well). Using Tribulus Terrestris, 50% of the men noticed an increase in sexual drive. The second group of men were all suffering from impotence. In this group, 57% of the subjects experienced an improvement in frequency and the time the erection could be sustained.

Unfortunately, the Indonesian study used only a small population group to study the effectiveness of Tribulus Terrestris. However, it would appear that even a short period of treatment with the herb could result in increases in both libido and sexual function.

In all the literature, there is no indication of negative side effects of Tribulus Terrestris, nor any contra indications. The herb appears to work, like so many other herbal treatments, in a holistic manner that includes increased changes in the body, such as improved blood flow, and in mental changes, such as increasing sexual drive.

The fact that the herb is used to treat complaints as serious as angina would indicate that Tribulus Terrestris is both a safe as well as effective way of overcoming impotence. However, users should still be guided by a medical professional before including it in their medications.

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