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The Top 5 Concerns after childbirth And How To Deal With Them

By: Salena Kulkarni

Parenting Just as you thought that nothing could be more difficult than pregnancy and labor, the birth of your baby ushered in a new set of challenges that make pregnancy issues seem like a walk in the park. Hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, demand or breast-feeding, infant colic, low libido, excess pregnancy pounds are just some of the difficulties that a new mom struggles with.

While post pregnancy matters may be different for everyone, there are some issues that consistently remain in every new mother's mind. Luckily, as most mothers can attest to it, there are effective ways of dealing with them and as in most challenging situations, this, too, shall soon pass. Here are the top 5 challenges that most new mothers face:

Challenge 1: Inability to get enough sleep

Lack of sleep comes with the territory as most new mothers know. This is largely due to a baby's sleep and wake patterns which take some time to normalize and coincide with yours. Some babies spend the first three months sleeping during the day and playing during the night. Others do the opposite but still manage to keep you up at odd hours due to regular diaper change and feeding.

A natural solution is to sleep while your baby is asleep and to consume healthy food to boost your energy levels. Most of the time, the disruption of your usual sleep cycle leads to feelings of helplessness and self-pity as you wonder how long you will have to endure lack of sleep.

When these thoughts strike you in the middle of the night, you will do well to remember that your baby will outgrow this stage and will learn to sleep while you are asleep and not the other way around. In the meantime, allow your family and close friends to help around with watching your baby while you get your much-needed rest.

Challenge 2: Shedding excess pregnancy pounds.

The days after childbirth can be the most trying times for a new mom. Your body is sore and you still can't seem to fit in your pre-pregnancy clothes. Most new moms try almost anything to lose all the weight gained during pregnancy. Seeing very little or no progress in this area can be frustrating, especially for mothers who long for their old figures.

The best way to get rid of unwanted pounds is to maintain a healthy diet and start a safe exercise routine. With so many fad diets out there, the thing to remember is that not all diets work for everyone. You should try to get your doctor to suggest a nutritional plan for your needs. The same goes for any physical fitness routine that you might want to get into. It is best to get your doctor's prior clearance before getting some exercise.

While it is normal for a new mom to want to lose weight, such weight goal must be realistic. Bear in mind that the extra pounds were gradually added to your body over a period of 9 months, such that losing them may probably take about the same time or even longer, depending on your eating habits.

Challenge 3: Being sexy for him.

Motherhood changes many things for women, and the most obvious changes show up in a woman's body. Some of the common complaints of new moms include unsightly stretch marks, wiggly bellies, sore breasts, patches of skin darkening and heavy appearance. These bodily changes can cause some mothers to retreat from physical intimacy out of an unjustified fear of rejection.

Not all relationships change after a child is born. Most men are known to find the fuller form of a new mom to be sexy. On the other hand, if your body is preventing you from connecting with your partner, be assured if your relationship is changing, it is not because love is gone between the both of you. Being in a relationship is like making bread everyday.

Both of you need to work at keeping it alive constantly. Act like new lovebirds once in a while and go out on a date with one another. Strive to enjoy the things you did together before your baby was born as well as experience new things together to bond as a couple. While you work on regaining intimacy, you will learn to accept your bodily changes and be more confident about it. In due time, you will find your old sexy and feminine self back.

Challenge 4: Caring for your self.

Most mothers have a tendency to focus entirely on their new babies at the expense of neglecting their selves. A common mistake new moms make is to feel guilty about minding their needs. They forget that babies need healthy and happy moms to take care of them.

You can't provide for all of your baby's needs if you are not well enough to do that. Don't be consumed by guilt feelings whenever you need to do some things for yourself. You are not being selfish. In fact, taking care of your body is your best gift to your new baby.

Challenge 5: Finding alone time.

Mothers are incredible women. They can be up on their feet round the clock for the sake of the family. This is especially true in the case of new moms. The moment you bring your little bundle of joy home with you, you find yourself keeping the same hours as a convenience store: 24 by 7. While you dutifully assume your role as "supermom", be reminded that you need some time out for yourself to avoid burnout and fatigue.

It is not a sign of weakness to need some space from your baby. Short periods of relaxation are essential to your well being. Enlist the help of your partner, immediate family members or a reliable babysitter to watch your baby while you do something enjoyable by yourself.

You could take a short trip to the salon, catch a new movie, have lunch with your friends or do some shopping. What's great about taking small amounts of "alone time" is that you return home to your baby feeling recharged and ready to take on your usual chores at home.

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