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Personalized Cocktail Mixes as Wedding Gifts

By: Aaron Hu

Marriage Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It will stay vividly in your memory for many years after you and your spouse begin your new lives together. Because of this, great thought should go into how you plan your wedding. One idea that is both unique and inexpensive is personalized cocktail mixes. Personalized cocktail mixes will not only impress your guests, but give you and your spouse a special drink to bring back the memories of your special day.

With the wedding gifts taken care of, you and your guests will be able to relax, have fun, and enjoy your personalized cocktail mixes. Perhaps your daughter will be getting married soon or perhaps your son. Or perhaps you are in the increasingly lucrative business of planning weddings. Whatever the case, you know that putting on a successful wedding requires a great deal of planning and preparation, particularly if you are working with a limited budget. And who isn’t these days?

We all know how expensive it is to have the traditional champagne fountain. But what if you could allow your guests to choose from a wide selection of pre-mixed cocktails? More and more companies today are introducing personalized cocktail mixes just for occasions like weddings. Personalized cocktail mixes available include the old standbys: Scotch, Martinis, and gin drinks. They can also include more exotic drinks like Long Island Ice Tea, Harvey Wallbangers, and the like.

But what about cost? Aren't personalized cocktail mixes expensive? Not necessarily. Some sell for $1.89 for basic drinks, and $2.20 for more exotic mixes.

So what are we talking about esthetically? Do these personalized cocktail mixes look like airline liquor bottles? Will the yard be littered with hundreds of empty bottles after the guests have all left? You may do a wedding on a limited budget, but you don’t want it to look "cheap," right?

Fortunately some of the better mixes come in plastic drink glasses sealed in plastic. They can be iced or they can be refrigerated. The cocktail mix glasses can even bear a distinctive initial or design, all at little or no extra cost.

Some people, of course, don't drink, or would not want alcohol-related products for wedding gifts. Still, don't give up on the idea of tasty wedding gifts. Some other edible products might include cookies that come in beautifully-decorated boxes (and which can even have names or initials inscribed on the package), and mints and chocolates, which come in a variety of decorative tins and boxes. Of course, gift baskets or bags are also appreciated, which can be stuffed full of the person's favorite candies and fruits.

Finding your favorite edible wedding gifts is easier than ever. Just do a Google or Yahoo search on "wedding" and "edible gifts" or "edible favors." You'll find dozens of sources. And naturally, your best resource for all-things-wedding-related is right here on this site. The best wedding gifts are closer than ever--just a few clicks away.

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