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Jewelry Promise Rings

By: Philip Zifer

Marriage One type of jewelry promise ring is the purity jewelry promise ring. These are popular with adults and youths. Many are received at purity balls, which are a breathtaking experience for young women who typically sign a purity pledge and are given a jewelry promise rings by their fathers or a male role model.

When a parent bestows a jewelry promise ring on their child here are several promises
parents give:

Supporting and loving you is what I will do forever.

Your are always and will be always in my thoughts.

My heart will always have a special place for you.

I will always love you no matter what, and here is a jewelry promise ring to always remind you of that.

Personally, I would like to say if your getting a jewelry promise rings for purity it is well worth it. It is worth waiting. If anybody tells you it is not, they are probablya person who has not waited, so how would they know anyways?  My wife and I didn’t do the wild thing before we tied the knot and we have such an excellent marriage. My personal belief why my marriage is blessed is because we waited and did it a different way and as a Christian I believe we did it God’s way.

My wife constantly says she knew I truly loved her because as shewalked down the isle that I was marring her for her and not for some sexual reason. I believe in purity and think that jewelry promise rings are a lovely way to demonstrate it.

Many adults are now buying purity jewelry promise rings. This rising movement is from adults who had sex in the past, who prefer not to be sexually active anymore, until they discover their one true sweetheart and say, "I do".

This new virginity is what the current purity movement has been called (not that I’m aware of an old purity movement).  The point these people are trying to make is you can’t change what happened before but you can wait for a picture perfect mate that God intends
for you.

Can we wipe out STD’s?

It is long shot, but the short answer is yes. Look, there has been many diseases that have been wiped out by a vaccine, for example polio. Why is it so hard to believe if everybody waited to have sex until they were married to their best friend that STD’s would be
eliminated? We actually have the cure available to us all we have to do is use it. Maybe you can see why I think jewelry promise rings are so awesome.

Well here is where I talk about myself not jewelry promise rings, not exactly a subject that I'm particularly shy about.

Let me start out by saying I have a wonderful family. My wife if such a sweetheart and a wonderful mother to our child. As a full time mother she does everything around the house and as far as bills or where is something at, I don't every have to think about, I just ask her. She works so hard at being a mother it just makes
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