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Baby Development

By: John Roope

Pregnancy Pregnancy and birth are the two most important events, a mother will experience in her life. Both deserve careful and thoughtful planning.

From conception to birth

The countdown to a baby’s birth actually begins about two weeks before it is conceived or the first day of the woman’s last menstrual period. Conception can only occur during ovulation, which happens about the middle of the month of menstrual period.

An average full term pregnancy consists of a nine-month growth period-approximately 280 days. During the first three months, also known as first trimester, the baby develops all its internal organs, arms and legs. During the second trimester, which is from 4th month to 6th month, the baby continues to develop its eyes, head, bones and other external organs. The third trimester is from 7th month to 9th month or until birth.

Fetal development

First month- In this initial stage, the baby is only ¼ inches long. Heart, backbone and spinal cord begins to form.

Second month-Baby is now approximately 1/8 inches long. Eye, nose, lips and teeth starts to form. Heart functions at this stage.

Third month-Baby is now 21/2 inches long. It now develops to a recognizable form. Most internal organs and tissues grow in this stage.

Fourth month-Baby is now 61/2 inches long. Fingers, palms, tooth buds starts to grow. Gender is identifiable by this time. The pregnancy really begins to show from this month onwards.

Fifth month-Baby is about 8 to 10 inches long. Mother begins to feel the fatal movement inside the womb. The hair begins to grow on baby’s head.

Sixth month-By this time, the baby is 14 to 16 inches long. It is during this period that bones harden, growth and weight gain are rapid and baby’s movement is visible from outside.

Seventh month- Baby is now 14 to 16 inches long. During this month the eyelids, which formed in the second month begins to open. It can see as well as it can hear.

Eighth month-Baby is 16 to 18 inches long. Most body organs are developed by this time except lungs.

Ninth month-Baby is 19 to 29 inches long. Growth finally begins to slow, as the baby is ready to come out. Now the baby is fully developed in form and can survive outside the mother’s body.

This is the order in which a new life progresses from conception to birth. When the beautiful little baby enters the world, on an average, the weight will be anywhere from 6 to 9 pounds and measure between 18 to 25 inches.

From birth to 2 years of age

Watching a baby grow and develop new skills is an exciting time. Many factors can affect a baby’s development. These include inheritance, culture health, opportunity, freedom and most importantly, love and affection. A baby’s development is monitored in the following areas: 1. Physical development 2. Intellectual development 3. Language development 4. Emotional development 5. Social development

From birth to six month-The first six months of a baby life are little critical in their development. Within a very short span, they do many things like roll over, sit up, crawling etc. Although your baby is tiny and helpless, their brain is very active at this period. A child of three months can lift its head when lying on tummy. At four, the child is able to roll from its tummy to back. Babies can sit without support when they are about six months old.

From 6 month to 1 year-Six months to one year is a prime time for babies to develop hand skills. They have learned to balance the head; they can almost balance the body, they know how to co-ordinate both hand and eye simultaneously. Everything will be taken to the mouth now, including feet. They can focus on near objects and can follow other people’s movements. They can distinguish between the family members and the strangers. The child of this age can respond to the nursery rhymes with clapping and jumping to the tunes.

1 to 2 year-During this time, the child is increasingly more mobile and aware of himself and others. The desire to explore each new object will increase. The baby will recognize himself in the mirror; imitate the behavior of others especially of adults. He will form simple phrases and sentences, follow instructions, recognize familiar names.

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