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Have You Hired The Right Nanny?

By: Kristan Shildmyer

Family A nanny is someone who has gained a recognized qualification in childcare or a valuable level of expertise in the care and management of children. Nanny is like a substitute mother that will be there with the kids to nurture and teach them. Their main job is to protect the child from any harm and take good care of them. Making the decision to hire a nanny will affect all facets of your life- for better or for worse.

These days, families are more complicated than ever before. Divorce rates are sky high. Many women prefer to work while raising their children at the same time. These mothers need to hire nannies for their children. Thatís the reason why planning is required before hiring a nanny, who will be right for you and your family.

As parents, it is your responsibility to educate yourselves with the information needed to hire a nanny. Only you can assure yourself while selecting the best nanny to take care of your precious children.

You must think about this before hiring a nanny. Is hiring nanny is the right solution for you? The answer depends on various factors like- 1. What exactly is your need? 2. Can you afford a nanny? 3. Is there any other alternative available? 4. Can you be sure of finding the right nanny?

If you hire a nanny, who doesnít work out for you, you could end up spending time, money and energy trying to resolve the situation. Thatís why, it is important to hire carefully and before you can begin to hire a nanny, consider what you want, how to get it and what is your nannyís expectation from you.

Next- what kind of nanny will work best for you? Know your child and your family in order to figure out what kind of person will work for you and be clear in your mind. Again, you need to decide whether you need a full time or part time nanny, a live-in or commute nanny etc. Write down all your needs and decide on how you will pay her- hourly or monthly.

Some families are lucky enough to hire nannies that stay for years with them like family members. However, some are not so lucky. It is very hard for the parents to judge the right one. But, if you have checked her references thoroughly, done a comprehensive background check, had her for a trial with the kids and feel good about her, then probably it is safe to say that you have made the right decision.

When your new nanny starts working with the kids, spend a few days with her at home to get familiar with your house, kids and schedule. Do some spot-checking for the first few days. Get feedback from other family members, who comes in contact with the nanny. If your gut is telling she is the right nanny for your kids, go ahead.

Having the right nanny will provide you and your family the safety and security of the kids. Therefore, you need to give your best in seeking the right nanny for your children.

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