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Marketing For Every Time of the Year

By: Kaitlyn Miller

Marketing and Advertising The best kind of marketing is so comprehensive it takes into consideration everything going on throughout the year.

Part of this is planning out your marketing well in advance, but even if you donít know exactly what your themes are going to be, you can still decide what will happen at different points in the year.

Anyone who has been in the marketing game for long enough knows that different parts of the year naturally include different types of marketing that work better than others. People are more likely to want some types of products at one point in the year more than during others.

Take the end of the summer for an example. Whatís going on at this point in the year? All across the country students are going off to college. Many of them will be going into dorms, and just as many of them going into apartments. This means a lot of people are going to be needing new furniture and a whole slew of other supplies for a place to themselves.

Every single year this is going to happen and it will always happen at the exact same time. If youíre a company that might be affected by it you would do well to be prepared ahead of time for the right kinds of advertising pushes and other methods of making sure your name is the first one people think about.

But this goes for types of marketing as well. The end of the December brings with it the need for calendars, and the marketing benefits of calendar printing for companies looking to hand them out for free. Itís not like people are suddenly going to start getting calendars at a completely different point in the year.

You know exactly when youíre going to get that calendar printing done, and as soon as you have it done you know in a year youíll be doing the exact same thing over again.

Each holiday typically has various forms of marketing that go along with them. Holidays donít change from year to year. You can be quite sure that Halloween or Valentineís Day will be on the same date next year that they were this year.

The more time and attention you put into marketing the better it will naturally be. That goes for everything in life, so why wouldnít it apply to marketing? And if you know so far in advance what youíre going to be doing the next year, whatís stopping you from getting a head start on your marketing for the whole year?

Even the sales are often the same from year to year with various companies. If you have all of that information at your feet today, start working on your advertising right away? Hand people the most polished piece of marketing you possibly can.

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