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Spring Wedding Favors vs. Fall Wedding Favors

By: Aaron Hu

Marriage Traditionally, spring has been the most popular time for weddings. However, over the past couple of decades, more and more people have been lured to the beauty of fall weddings.

And then some people just like the free stuff. Hey, what's not to like about wedding favors, give to those who help take part in the wedding festivities. So for now, let's forget about which is better--a fall or spring wedding. Instead, let's talk about which special mementos are better: spring wedding favors or fall wedding favors.

Some of the best-loved spring wedding favors include spring flowers in different forms. They might just be the flowers themselves, or in some cases, they could be candles that come in the colors and fragrances of popular spring flowers. For instance, there are orchid, rose, lily, and more candles that are favorite spring wedding favors.

Some other good spring wedding favors celebrate the living creations associated with spring. For instance, butterflies are especially popular. There are butterfly bookmarks and even butterflies decorating various forms of glassware. Some people have offered butterfly tea-light candles as their favors.

A lot of people enjoy giving away seeds as spring wedding favors. Especially popular are wildflower seeds, which come in various attractive packages.

There are, in fact, just so many different variations of spring-related items that it's impossible to list them all: salt-and-pepper shakers, vases, handbags, wine glasses, and much more, all coming in attractive spring colors and with spring themes.

Of course, there's no shortage of variety in fall wedding favors, either. Fall, however, brings to mind things such as colorful leaves, pumpkins, apples, the fall harvest, and so forth. Therefore, it's no surprise that the most popular fall wedding favors bear a striking resemblance to October or November decorations.

For instance, apples, which have long been used at fall fests during such events as "bobbing for apples," and as a treat covered in caramel, can be found in many kinds of fall wedding favors. There are apple-shaped candles, suncatcher ornaments, and even bride & groom petite caramel apples.

Autumn leaves pop up often as fall wedding favors, taking the form of items such as placecard holders, covering containers of mint tins, as a decoration for favor cards, and more.

Similarly, you can find fall branches showing up a lot as part of fall wedding favors. There are, for example, fall branch bookmarks, photo frames, favor cardholders, and as decorations for dishes and yes, mint tins.

Then there are the items that don't easily fit into any category: pumpkin-shaped placecard holders, pear-shaped candles, and lots of delicious sparkling apple cider. Any of these will make for exceptional fall wedding favors.

SO WHICH IS BEST? So which season provides the best wedding favors: spring or fall weddings? It is, of course, largely a matter of personal choice. There's no disputing that spring is most people's favorite time of year, and so if you took a poll, most would probably side with the beautiful spring wedding favors over fall wedding favors.

However, there is a large dissenting group -- to which I belong -- which prefers the fall wedding favors? Why? Because this group believes that fall celebrates a fun time of year. And fall wedding favors, which bring back memories and images of trick-or-treating and good autumn eats and nice crisp weather, bring the perfect atmosphere to an October or November wedding.

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