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Scary Halloween Party Ideas for the Spookiest Halloween Ever

By: Qing Gu

Family These gross-out recipes and simple decorating tips make for some very scary Halloween party ideas!

Monster Eyeballs

Find out ahead of time how many ghosts and goblins will be attending your scary Halloween party.

You will need 2-4 eyeballs and a serving of red Jell-o blood for each guest. This delicious and disgusting desert will leave them screaming for more!

1. To save time, make your monster eyeballs the day before your scary Halloween party. Follow the package directions for the appropriate number of Jell-o servings. Pour into bowls (preferably black or dark-colored) and refrigerate.

2. Before the Jell-o blood sets, make your eyeballs! Peeled and pitted Lychees, which can be found in any Chinese grocery aisle, make great monster eyeballs. You can also use pitted golden or yellow plums.

3. To make the iris and pupil, stuff a raisin, chocolate chip or other small, dark, soft candy into a whole maraschino cherry, then stuff the maraschino cherry into your monster eyeball.

4. When your bowls of Jell-o blood are half-set, sprinkle them with a few monster eyeballs. Allow desert to set completely before serving.

Think up your own scary Halloween party ideas to add to this recipe, like mixing some wiggly gummy worms into the Jell-o before it sets, or pouring on a frothy mixture of ginger ale and melted green sherbet just before serving!

Severed Monster Fingers with Toxic Sludge Dip

If you want to get the kids involved, they can help mix the toxic sludge!

1. To save time, make your severed monster fingers the day before your scary Halloween party. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix up a batch of your favorite pizza dough. To make this fun finger food recipe even easier, use premixed pizza dough from the grocery store.

2. Once your dough is ready, roll it out and cut it into strips, about 5 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. For extra flavor, sprinkle your breadsticks with garlic salt and/or Parmesan cheese.

3. For fingernails use black olives, cut in half lengthwise and stuck into one end of each severed finger so it looks like a real rotten fingernail. Taper the nail end of each finger, and use a fork or knife to give each finger some wrinkly knuckles. Bake until fingers sound hollow when they are tapped.

4. The toxic sludge dip is easy. Just make your favorite guacamole!

Use your imagination to add your own scary Halloween party ideas to this recipe. Pour red salsa over the severed ends of the fingers (opposite the nails) before serving, or use salsa instead of guacamole for dip. All it needs is a scary name, like blood salsa or scream sauce!

Eerie Tea Light Holders

Kids will love helping you spooky-fy your home with these easy and inexpensive tea light holders. The more, the scarier!

1. You will need the following supplies: Glass jars from your recycling box (jam and jelly jars, pasta sauce jars, pickle jars, baby food jars, etc.), scissors, black and orange tissue paper, rubber bands, tea lights.

2. Cut squares of tissue paper large enough to cover the outside of your jars (set jar bottom in the middle of the square. If you are able to bring the paper up to cover the jar and secure it to the mouth of the jar with a rubber band, itís big enough).

3. Choose some small, simple cutout Halloween patterns. Bats, crescent moons, pumpkins and lightning bolts make great stencils, or think up your own scary patterns!

4. Have younger kids trace patterns onto each piece of tissue paper. They can fill one piece of paper with a dozen lightening bolts, or mix it up with pumpkins, bats and lightning bolts all on the same piece of paper!

5. Have older kids cut out the scary patterns with scissors, or this could be a job for adults.

6. Set each jar mouth up in the middle of a piece of tissue paper. Bring up the paper to cover the jar and secure it to the mouth of the jar. Make sure excess paper doesnít cover the jar opening!

7. Place a tea light in each jar, light it, and find a spooky spot to put it!

Some extra-scary Halloween party ideas would be to line your walkway with these eerie tea light holders, use wire to hang them from your trees or fence and put them on your windowsill, so your ghost and goblin guests are scared before they even walk through your front door!

Qing Gu is a party planning expert, freelancer, and owner of a few websites about celebrating holidays and special occasions. Here you can find lots of creative and free Halloween party ideas and colorful printable Halloween party games.
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