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Stress - Are You A Stress Puppy?

By: John Thackeray

Family Even though our ancient ancestors had to deal with constant peril and the threat of starvation, disease and early death, the concept of 'being stressed' just did not factor as a theme in cave drawings. Sure, we do have records of people being depressed and suffering mental breakdowns from a couple of hundred years ago, but the concept of 'being stressed' is a particularly modern one.

Today, stress seems to fill our lives and also seem to be mostly self-inflicted! Some personality types just seem to be more inclined to stress than others. The first step in doing something about stress, much like dealing with alcoholism, is to acknowledge that you are suffering from stress!

Most people who suffer from stress actually are not aware of the fact, and only find out too late when they already have some type of heart disease, high blood pressure, neck and shoulder stiffness, or migraine problem identified. Or when their family make them aware of the fact that they are always rushed, never have time, have anger explosions for the slightest irritation and are, frankly, just miserable people to live with.

The concept of 'Personality type A' is one that has been taken up into the modern idiom after research done in the 1950s where it was found that people with this personality type are inclined to heart disease, although this theory is not as widely accepted any more as it used to be.

According modern medical research only the obvious hostility that is being shown by some people with personality type A add to the danger of heart disease and not the personality type as such. Be that as it may, the fact of the matter is that people who are classified as personality type A are normally the ones that suffer from stress.

People with this type of personality need to be aware of the fact that the fundamental reason why they are always stressed has to do with the way that they manage their lives – stress is not an objective independent entity but something that is perceived in the mind of the person who experiences the stress.

What I am trying to say is that stressful events happen to everyone, but only some people experience them as stressful. Different people have different views of what is stressful and what is not. Obviously life-changing experiences such as the death of a loved one, moving house, getting married and so forth does have a major impact on your life – it always has and it always will, but the fact of the matter is, when people talk about 'being stressed' these days, it is not about processing the impact of a major life-changing event, but rather about the day to day grind of dealing with life. Some people just seem to do it so much better than others.

The ones who can't seem to go with the flow and just cope with the daily frustrations of dealing with demanding work situations such as money that runs out before expenses does, juggling household and family demands, need to learn how to cope with stress and manage it.

Being aware that you are prone to suffer from stress is the first step. Visit our site on http://www.managing-stress.org and take our 'stress test' to see whether you should be concerned about dealing with stress or not.
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