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Is it really your child?

By: Frank Wenger

Family The question has often been asked of many a father – is it really your child? – and often by the father himself as he wonders whether the child he is bringing up is, in fact, his own. There need not be a public embarrassment at such a natural question, and the availability of online paternity testing in the 21st Century has made discovering the truth far less painless that it has been before.

Using any search engine and entering ‘online paternity tests’ will bring forth a wide selection of testing companies, and the choice is made easier by looking for some simple guarantees.

16 marker genetic test

First, look for an organisation that offers you a ’16 marker genetic test’; this is the most accurate and respected, and believed the most reliable, DNA test used across the world, and one that is said to provide almost 100% accuracy in results.

There is nothing to worry about when faced with providing a DNA sample, as the process is very simple, very quick and absolutely painless. The method uses a large Q-tip that is swiped along the inside of the cheek, in the mouth, gathering up samples of your DNA as it does so, that is packed and sent to the laboratory of the DNA tester. It really is that simple.

Different prices for different services

Look also for the best prices, as an online DNA test should be affordable these days. Many different levels of guarantee are offered, from the basic online paternity test – which should cost you around $100 – to more in depth, legally binding and guaranteed tests that come with legal documentation in order to satisfy the courts. These can cost a little more, but can be worth it for added peace of mind.

Speed of results is a winning point for many, as the faster your results the quicker you get the answer you are waiting for. Many online paternity testers will send back full results in – at the most – five days, and the basic result you need to know at first will be accessible online via your home PC.

Make sure the supplier is accredited

Some suppliers, for an extra cost, will provide a quicker turnaround if you cannot wait the guaranteed result time. Look also for a supplier that is governed by the industry body – the AABB – who’s initials should be displayed on the website, and referred to in any text.

There are further DNA tests that go deeper into the testing method, and involve alternative methods of collecting DNA, but the pain free and simple attraction of the cheek swab makes it a handy test for doing in your own home.

If you want to involve the mother in the testing process, this can be done, too, with many suppliers providing testing kits for three people should it be requested. This is a good way of assuring peace of mind for all the family at what can be a difficult time.

Remember, the beauty of online paternity testing is in the privacy and simplicity provided, and the speed with which you will have your answers.

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