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Keeping Your Wedding Unique Yet Affordable

By: Aaron Hu

Marriage So you're getting married, and you want your wedding to be one that people remember. Welcome to every bride's challenge! We want our weddings to be unique, fresh, and memorable...and we don't want to have to foot the bill for a ceremony at the Vail Mountain Resort to do it, either! So what's a girl to do? Here's my answer: unique wedding favors.

I know what you're thinking: "Yah, right. Unique wedding favors. THAT's a contradiction in terms...everyone and her mother-in-law hands out 'unique wedding favors'...and they all cost a fortune." Now hold on. I'm not talking about my cousin Travis, whose fiancee's parents paid for 'unique wedding favors'--wine glasses for each guest etched with the couple's name and wedding date. Yes, they were definitely unique --but they definitely weren't cheap wedding favors!

Neither am I talking just about unique favors that aren't unique at all...like, say, monogrammed napkins or color-coordinated candy. Don't get me wrong...I like both those things, and they have a lot of potential as both cheap wedding favors AND as unique ones (if, say, the color coordinated candy also happens to be your favorite). In fact, one of my favorite cheap wedding favors were two chocolate kisses wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a matching ribbon. Simple and bland, right? Simple, yes, but not bland because my friend Heather added one more element to transform her little candy parcels very unique wedding favors. She and the cowboy she married included a small paper tag that they printed themselves (you should still be thinking cheap wedding favors here) that said simply, "Thanks, ya'll!" in a casual western font with a pair of cowboy hats (one black, one white) at the bottom.

Oooooh...she's good. She took super cheap wedding favors (the cheapest she could find) and made them into some of the most unique favors I've ever taken home. Did you notice how she did it? Here's the key--Heather took what she could afford (those cheap wedding favors) and personalized it. So you want a unique, fresh, and memorable wedding, do you? Well, guess what. You are a unique, fresh, and memorable bride. That's your secret weapon to set your ceremony apart from every other wedding that's ever been celebrated--and make it unforgettable. You know, I used to think that I would have to pick between cheap wedding favors and unique ones when I got married (that is, if I could afford wedding favors at all). And since I grew up in a frugal Dutch home, I knew that I'd probably end up going with cheap. Cheap wedding favors, and cheap everything else, too...a second hand wedding dress, a small guest list, a finger-food reception. But I've realized that I don't have to compromise unique wedding favors for cheap ones.

If I use my secret weapon--the one I just let you in on--the one where I make my wedding personal--I can have a wedding that is both cheap and unique! I can wear my mother's wedding dress and cook a huge spaghetti dinner (spaghetti is my absolute favorite food ever) with venison my dad processed, tomatoes my mom grew, and as many people as I can squeeze into the church basement. And I can have cheap wedding favors that are still unique. I want to send my guests home with a johnny-jump-up planted in half a white, brown, or green eggshell. Crazy, I know. Probably not your thing. But that's okay...it's MY wedding, after all. And I can't think of any more cheap wedding favor than that. Nor a more unique wedding favor!

See, my first childhood 'business' was raising chickens and selling farm fresh eggs to the neighbors--white, brown, and green ones. And I got my college degree in botany--because I love flowers. Combine the two, and voila--I have myself some extremely cheap wedding favors that are extremely unique...and my guests aren't going to forget my wedding any time soon!

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