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Dad's Turn to Buy Presents

By: Chris Huskey

Family Ok Dads, the time has come for you to buya present for your son's best friend's birthday. You think, I can do this, it's not that hard. You take your all to willing son to Target or WalMart to pick out a gift. And then it hits you like a ton of bricks. You now have the choice of over 500 different gifts that your son says his friend is in to. Pokemon, PS3 games, Speed Racer, the list goes on and on. Most of us would run screaming, or at the very least start playing with the Star Wars action figures that we had as a kid (yes, they are back). Then, all of the sudden you have the realization that your anniversary is next week. You immidiately hop over to the home electronics section to look at the best possible coffee maker for your lovely bride. All of this is a recipe for disaster.

This is where I can help. There are hundreds of sites online that offer some of the most unique gifts that will make you look like the Gift Master. Here are some examples of some great gift ideas.

Kids Gifts - Green Toys - I don't mean the color green, I mean environmentally friendly toys. Wooden toys and puzzles, toys made from recycled products, and products that require winding power instead of battery power. Show that you are earth conscious as well as a giver of some pretty cool toys. - Realistic Toys - This category always amazes me, and every year the technology gets better and better. This year you can find a life-like Golden Retriever, and a Triceratops that can be ridden. - Personalized Gifts - There are a lot of different gifts out there that can be personalized with the child's name. Books and CDs that mention the childs name throughout the story. Shirts, Frames, backpacks, and jewelry.

Gifts for Her - Food - I need to be careful here. I certainly don't want anyone to think that getting your special woman a box of chocolates (even thought that isn't that bad of an idea). There are several services that offer delivery of gourmet meals right to your door. What better way to surprise your lady then with a delicious home cooked meal. - Clothes - A word of advice... Know Her Size! Before you go out shopping take a look at her favorite blouse or jeans and write down the size. The right outfit, that fits, will win you hundreds of "gift" points. - Professional - If your wife is a professional, there are many different places that you can find something to make her job easier. Day planners, pen sets, portfolios and messenger bags are all great gifts for the busy executive.

Gifts for Him Yes, you are going to need to buy stuff for your buddies, or your in-laws on occasion. - Sports Fans - This one should be easy. Figure out his favorite team, and go crazy. There is a massive amout of merchandise available for every possible team you or your friends support. - Music Lover - MP3s make this one easy. If you have a friend that loves his music, giving him the ability to buy his favorite music will go a long way. For a unique idea, do a search on their favorite band and buy them some memorabilia,or concert posters. - SciFi - Memorabilia is key to this one. If your friend is a fan of Star Wars or any other type of series, there is plenty to be found out there. Comic book fans would love to receive a rare issue, or collectors item.

Off the beaten Path - How about a framed set of business cards with famous sports or captains of industry figures along with the gift recipients card? This is a great conversation piece, and would be remembered for years to come. - Tickets to a favorite sporting event or concert. There are many ticket reseller sites where you can find tickets for just about every single event in every city. - Travel. Book a trip. Talk about a surprise. Completely planning a weekend getaway will earn rave reviews from your friends or spouse.

Remember gift giving is about the thought. And if you spend the time and effort, you can give and incredibly thoughtful and treasured gift.

Chris Huskey is a stay (work) at home Dad with 2 great boys. He has traded a career in web design and development to be a career Dad. He owns Mesh Web Design as well as operates Eclectigift , a gift idea website, in his "free" time.
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